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Prankster also known as Teasing Heart, is an ability that was introduced in Generation V that gives non-damaging moves a higher priority.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#198 Murkrow 198 Type DarkType Flying Dream World
#302 Sableye 302 Type DarkType Ghost Dream World
#313 Volbeat 313 Type Bug Dream World
#314 Illumise 314 Type Bug Dream World
#354 Mega Banette Type Ghost Mega Evolution
#447 Riolu 447 Type Fighting Dream World
#509 Purrloin 509 Type Dark Dream World
#510 Liepard 510 Type Dark Dream World
#546 Cottonee 546 Type Grass Natural
#547 Whimsicott 547 Type GrassType Fairy Natural
#641 Tornadus 641 Type Flying Natural
#642 Thundurus 642 Type ElectricType Flying Natural
#707 Klefki 707 Type SteelType Fairy Natural

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