Post Town artwork
Post Town (Japanese: 宿場町 Post Town) is the central village in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. It is populated solely by Pokémon, like the rest of the world presented in the game. It replaces Pokémon Square and Treasure Town.

Post Town Shops

Kecleon Shop

This shop is available after completing the first dungeon. It is run by Kecleon, the shop sells food, Wonder Orbs, TMs, and other various items. Unlike the previous Mystery Dungeon games, the shop is run by just one Kecleon. There are also other Kecleon Shops that can be found in dungeons which sell different items, some of which that can't be found in this shop.

DLC Shop

It is run by Foongus. The Downloadable Content Shop (DLC) allows the player to choose to return to the main menu and purchase DLC dungeons.

Rampardos Box Buster

It is unlocked after completing the first job request after finishing Desolate Canyon for the first time. It is run by Rampardos, the shop opens treasure boxes the player finds in the various dungeons. It is similar to Xatu's Appraisal shops found in the previous games. He requests 150 Pokè for payment.

Gift Shop

After completing a job request after Victini has opened up his shop in Pokémon Paradise, Cinccino opens up shop here. Friend gifts can be created here by giving Cinccino various items and money. Friend gifts are used to auto-recruit specific wild Pokémon in a dungeon. More gifts are unlocked as new dungeons are unlocked. The second option when talking to Cinccino, Pokémon Information, has a complete list of Pokémon found in the game similar to a Pokédex. Pokémon that have been recruited are marked with a check. Besides the type, location, and a rotating 3D picture of the Pokémon, it also lists the Abilities and evolution method. No descriptions are given. When a Pokémon is selected by pressing A, the unlocked Friend Gift(s) applicable to that Pokémon are displayed.

Glorious Gold

After completing a certain amount of job requests, Cofagrigus opens up this shop. Gold Bars can be exchanged for money (555 Poké per Gold Bar) or various items.

Deposit Box

This replaces the functions of Kangaskhan Storage and Duskull Bank and is a box that is placed next to the Kecleon Shop. Like in the original Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, items are collective and are grouped based on item type rather than being individual items. Materials and Treasure Chests are stored separately. Another Deposit Box is also placed in Pokémon Paradise later in the game.

Swanna's House

Swanna runs this hotel for Pokémon, serving no other significant purpose. Gurdurr, Umbreon, and Espeon are initially found here. It is often referred to as "the inn".

The Traveling Sales-mon

After completing a certain amount of job requests, a random Pokémon will arrive and act as a dojo or a shop that hasn't been built yet in Pokémon Paradise. The attending Pokémon and facility will switch to a new one over time.

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