A negative HP result

The Pomeg Berry Glitch is a glitch in which one can lower a Pokémon's health into the negatives. This glitch only functions in Emerald.

To do the glitch

  1. Get a Pokémon (preferably over LV 50) and get it to one HP
  2. Feed it a Pomeg Berry (may need to give it an Iron first). The Pomeg Berry takes 2 base Defense Stats away from it, either making it faint or having negative HP.
  3. Lastly, make sure it is the only Pokémon in your party, and go battle any Pokémon.

Possible Results

  • When the glitched Pokémon attacks, the game will say that the player whited out right away.
    • If one has an Pokémon Egg in the first slot and the fainted Pokémon in the second, it will force the Egg to fight.
  • A Decamark could appear.
    • If a Decamark appears and the glitched Pokémon is attacked, then the game will begin an endless cycle of health depletion, forcing a restart of the game (all data is still retained).
  • The Pokémon successfully gets negative HP, making it almost invincible.

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