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This project is part of the PokePower group.
Any questions about this Project should be asked on the associated talk page or on the Project leader's talk page.

Project Surveillance (Codename:Anti-vandal) is a project whose purpose is to be on the look out for vandalism and to alert Crimsonnavy, or another active administrator, if vandalism is being committed. Any user may help.

Reporting vandals

You may submit a report on this page's talk, please be sure to check the format at the top of the page first before submitting your report.

Rules for joining

  • To join, you must have at least couple previous anti-vandalism edits under your belt, i.e. reverting vandalism.


  • The page for reporting vandalism has been revamped and now has a required format for reporting.
  • One rule added.

Recurring Contributors

Project Surveillance Image This user is an anti-vandal.

Any user who has helped this project can add {{ProjectSurveillance}} onto your userpage.


  • Any kind of user may join this project.

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