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'''Project Anime''' a project lead by [[User:Hstar|Hstar]] the Chief Editor of the Anime Department and Leader of Project Anime. The goal of this project is to enhance and clean up anime articles along with the aims to write and improve comprehensive articles on anime characters and locations.
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'''Project Anime''' is a project lead by '''TBA''', who is the Leader of '''Project Anime'''. The goal of this project is to enhance and clean up anime articles along with the aims to write and improve comprehensive articles on anime characters and locations.
==News and Updates==
==News and Updates==
*Thank you to Everyone who has continued working on Anime Pages. Especially the Episodes! It's amazing how many are complete!! So much has been accomplished whilst I've been absent! It's great to know that know after teaching you how to do things right, you flourish under guidance and you now do things better than I do!
*'''Nobody''' is allowed to edit any '''Advanced Generation Episodes whilst they're being created and under construction'''. However '''PokePower''' and '''Project Anime''' Members (And of course Ads Bureaus Sys and Bots) are allowed to edit the Advanced Generation Episodes, unless given permission by Hstar. '''Indigo League, Orange Islands, Johto, Diamond and Pearl and the Best Wishes Series''' may carry on as usual. If you have any confusion with any Rules or News please know you can speak in confidence to Hstar, if she is inactive you can speak to a Project Anime Member, or PokePower Leader Crimsonnavy. If anyone is caught breaking any rules (this applies to all Rules and News mentioned in Project Anime) you can be sure a member will spot this and have you warned and if continuous, punishment. If you see anyone breaking any rules, not just Project Anime tell an Admin, or if it's Anime Related tell Hstar.
*'''Check out the To-Do List for Job Vacancies.''' If you want to join Project Anime and be an A.A.E. then that's okay but we'd be grateful if people could fill in the Job Vacancies.
*'''Do not, I repeat do not add any galleries to any Black and White Episodes unless it has the English Name''', because we want as many pictures as possible and once the English name is available the storyline will be available too! The purpose of a gallery in an Episode is to tell the story through images.
[[File:Hstar.png|40px]] [[User:Hstar|<span style="color:lightgreen;background:mediumseagreen;">Signed Hstar</span>]] [[User talk:Hstar|<span style="color:lightgreen;background:mediumseagreen;">Chief Editor of the Anime Department!</span>]] [[File:Hstar2.png|40px]] July 12, 2011 (UTC)
==Rules and Requirements==
==Rules and Requirements==
*[[Forum:When_creating_an_Episode|When Creating an Episode.]]
*The link above is an example, try to follow the Rules and Requirements - that blog may get old and have old information.
*If you wish to join Project Anime '''you must ask Hstar'''. This rule applies to '''all Projects''' as well as PokePower, you should '''always''' ask the Project Leader's permission, if they are inactive then ask the [[User talk:Crimsonnavy|PokePower Leader]].
*If you create an Anime Article tell [[User:Hstar|Hstar]], [[User:Gaehwasan|Gaehwasan]] and [[User:Crimsonnavy|Crimsonnavy]] so they know the article is made and so they can link it to templates and other pages.
*If you '''create an Episode you must have''' a Template (Episode) and a Synopsis with as much information in them as possible, do not worry about Images, Trivia, Quotes or Bloopers, the members of this project will add and clean the pages once people have made the episodes. That way you can enjoy making Episodes and we can clean any mistakes afterwards. Also do not add sections if your not going to put any information in them - it makes the article look bad and un-detailed.
*Never copy information from Bulbapedia (you may upload images but never information as you risk being banned)
*Make sure Special Episodes have the Label e.g. SP001: Ash vs. Cynthia (that's just an example)
*Try to '''always''' categorize pages, even if it is hard to categorize.
*If your adding a slideshow then the slideshow should contain no more than 12 pictures. If it has more, change it into a gallery.
*No more than 1 slideshow should be added to an Episode. Because slideshows are only meant for small amounts of images (In Episodes that is) There should only be 2 galleries maximum One for the Episode Pictures and one for a Glitch Gallery or Related Images Gallery.
*If a page is important but there's very little information on it add the Anime Stub Template.
*If you create an Episode make sure the Page name is a code only, (e.g. IL001) then rename it - that way when people search for it - all they have to do is type in the code. This rule applys to any Episodes created after May 1st 2011. If you make an Episode that doesn't follow the rule it will be deleted and the information will be copied onto a new version of the page. This rule doesn't apply to Episodes created before May 1st 2011.
*To encourage users to be aware of the Anime Department on this wiki Hstar has created a template. Project Anime Members should add [[User:Hstar/AnimeIssues]] to any new users talk page if they haven't already read that message. (The reason the template has Hstars sig on is that so people will recognize her and she will then teach them to recognize Project Anime). But how are we supposed to know when new users arrive at this wiki? Well check [ this] regularly and whenever a new user appears go to their talk page and leave the template as a message (no heading required, just the template).
==To-Do List==
==To-Do List==
*Have Synopsis' for all of the Indigo League Episodes
*Do not create any Original Series Episodes
*Have a complete Gallery for all Anime Pages that need them or are incomplete like MS013.
*Fill the '''Job Vacancy''' for '''Anime Locationer''' (Whoever gets it can change the name with permission from Hstar. If you know all there is to know about Locations in the Anime and Anime Exclusive Locations (That's everything Anime, Movies count too!) contact Hstar immediately, '''Project Anime needs you'''.
*Fill the '''Job Vacancy''' for '''Anime Cleaner''' - If you know quite a bit about the Anime and are good at correcting pages, grammar (Not Links or Templates - that's Gaehwasan's Job, he is head of that section to ask him if you wish to be an apprentice) etc. contact Hstar immediately, '''Project Anime needs you'''.
*Make sure every Anime Character and Pokemon have an Episode Appearance section on their page - it doesn't have to be complete or have all the information on just make sure the template is there.
*To have every Episode in full detail (It's better to take a while and have perfect Episodes than to take a week and have terrible articles)
*To have information on every Character that has appeared in the anime (especially if it's an anime exclusive character, e.g. [[Ash Ketchum]] if it's a game and anime character then put a sub heading on that game character's page entitled In the Anime or make a page with the name and then anime in brackets e.g [[Brock (anime)]] is an example)
*To have information on every Character's Pokémon that appeared in the Anime. ([[Ash's Pikachu]] is a brilliant example.)
*To have all the Anime Exclusive Locations in full detail (that includes the Movie Locations too)
*To have a Gallery for every Episode (Gallery of Pictures not Glitches, they're optional.) [[BW001: In The Shadow of Zekrom!#Gallery|In The Shadow of Zekrom!]] is a great example.
==Tools and Resources==
* [[Episode Guide]]
* [[Episode Guide]]
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* [[Template:Episode]]
* [[Template:AnimeCharacter]]
* [[Template:Pokémon Character Box]]
* [[Template:Anime-stub]]
* [[Template:AnimePokémon]]
* [[Template:MoveBoxTop]]
* [[Template:MoveBoxMid]]
* [[Template:MoveBoxEnd]]
* [[Template:EpisodeAppearTop]]
* [[Template:EpisodeAppearMid]]
* [[Template:EpisodeAppearEnd]]
* [[Template:Future Evolution]]
* [[Template:Pokémon: The Original Series]]
* [[Template:Pokémon: Advanced Generation]]
* [[Template:Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl]]
* [[Template:Pokémon: Best Wishes!]]
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* [[:Category:Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Series Episodes]]
* [[:Category:Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Series Episodes]]
* [[:Category:Pokémon: Black & White Episodes]]
* [[:Category:Pokémon: Black & White Episodes]]
* [[:Category: Pokémon the Series: XY Episodes]]
===Special pages===
For any discussions see [[Pokémon Wiki talk:{{BASEPAGENAME}}|Talk]]
For any discussions see [[Pokepower talk:{{BASEPAGENAME}}|Talk]]
==Project Members==
==Project Members==
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Any member who have joined this project please add {{t|ProjectAnime}} anywhere on your userpage.
Any member who have joined this project please add {{t|ProjectAnime}} anywhere on your userpage.
A.A.E. stands for All-round Anime Editor
* [[User:Hstar|Hstar]] '''Leader'''
* [[User:Darkraian10|Darkraian10]] A.A.E.
===Translation Editors===
* [[User:Winxfan1|Winxfan1]] '''Head Q.BET (say Kyu-Bet) Head Quotes, Bloopers Errors and Trivia Editor'''
===Inactive Members===
* [[User:Gaehwasan|Gaehwasan]][[User:Gaehwasan| ]]'''Template and Linkage Master'''
* [[User:Gatorfan6|Gatorfan6 ]]A.A.E.
*[[User:Energy X|Energy X]]
* [[User:Cinnamon 115|Cinnamon 115 ]]'''Retired Synopsis Maker'''
* [[User:Amyroselove|Amyroselove]] '''Q.BET'''
* [[User: Bullet Francisco|Bullet Francisco]] '''A.A.C. Anime Character Contributor'''
===Resigned Members===
* [[User:Crimsonnavy|Crimsonnavy]] '''PokePower Leader, Project Manager and A.A.E. '''
*''This section is only for members who have quit Project Anime''
* [[User:Don13|Don13]] A.A.E.
* [[User:XxNighthawk119xx|XxNighthawk119xx]] A.A.E.
* [[User:Yugimuto1|Yugimuto1]] A.A.E.
'''Project Anime''' was originally led by [[User:Hstar|Hstar]].
* [[User:Rainbow Shifter|Rainbow Shifter]] '''A.A.E'''
*Anyone can join Project Anime.
* [[User:Energy X|<font color="red">E</font><font color="orange">n</font><font color="yellow">e</font><font color="green">r</font><font color="blue">g</font><font color="purple">y</font> <font color="gray">X</font>]] [[User talk:Energy X|∞]]
{{DISPLAYTITLE:PokePower:Project Anime}}
{{DISPLAYTITLE:PokePower:Project Anime}}

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This project is part of the PokePower group.
Any questions about this Project should be asked on the associated talk page or on the Project leader's talk page.

Project Anime is a project lead by TBA, who is the Leader of Project Anime. The goal of this project is to enhance and clean up anime articles along with the aims to write and improve comprehensive articles on anime characters and locations.

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For any discussions see Talk

Project MembersEdit

ProjectAnime Project Anime is a member
of Project Anime.

Any member who have joined this project please add {{ProjectAnime}} anywhere on your userpage.



Translation EditorsEdit

Inactive MembersEdit


Resigned MembersEdit

  • This section is only for members who have quit Project Anime


Project Anime was originally led by Hstar.

  • Anyone can join Project Anime.

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