The Poketch Company 1 The Pokétch Company is a company that sells "Pokétch", short for Pokémon Watch. The company is found at the large building located in Jubilife City.

Counter (Poketch) 2

1st Floor

  • There is a reporter, asking a for a comment for the Pokétch. The interview will be shown on TV.
  • The president of the Pokétch Company stands in front of the receptionist counter, wearing a purple shirt. Everytime you received certain number of badges, the company will invent new applications for your Pokétch. So do talk to him to receive the Pokétch apps.
Badges App Name App Description
1 Memo Pad The Memo Pad app can be used for jotting down quick notes.
3 Marking Map The Marking Map app lets you mark locations. Drag the marks to places you want to remember.
5 Link Searcher The Link Searcher searches for players on wireless communications. Touch the screen to get a list of people using wireless communications.
7 Move Tester The Move Tester checks how effective moves are by type. Switch the attacker and defender types to see what is effective.

2nd Floor

Nothing special to do here.

3rd Floor

If you want to check out the manual for each apps on your Pokétch watches, visit this floor and look at the computers found there.