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An old model of the Pokétch.

'Pokétch' (Japanese: ポケモンウォッチ Pokémon Uotchi, literally meaning; "Pokémon Watch") is a watch that has been created by The Pokétch Company. This watch got introduced in Generation IV in the games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. The Pokétch are watches with touchscreens which the player can click for different apps if they are tapping on the red button on the left side of the watch. The player can obtain new apps during their journey. Each player in the game got a different color of Pokétch. If the player is male than the Pokétch that you will obtain is blue and if the player is a female than the color of the Pokétch is pink.


To obtain the Pokétch, the player has to pay a visit at the Pokémon school in Jubilife City and give his friend and rival the Town Map that his mother should give him. After that, when you go outside you will see the president of The Pokétch Company who tells you about the Pokétch. He will tell you that there are three different clowns with coupons that can let you get the Pokétch, but only can happen if you answer all of their three questions right. Here are the locations where you can find the three clowns.

  • Behind the Pokémon Center.
  • Outside the Pokétch Company at the west of the town that goes to Route 218.
  • In front of the TV Station at the north side of the town that goes to Route 203.

When you get back to the president, he will give you the Pokétch which already has four apps on it: The Digital Watch, Calculator, Pedometer, and Pokémon List.

Coupons & Quizzes

There are three coupons that you must obtain to get the Pokétch from the president of the Pokétch Company. As known where the clowns are located and that they are only giving you the coupons when you get the question right that they have for you. Each three questions are yes or no answers questions. The three questions are:

Coupon 1 (key)
Question 1 - "Does a Pokémon grow by defeating others and gaining Exp. Points?"
The answer is: "Yes" - Pokémons grow stronger after defeating other Pokémons in battles.
Coupon 2 (key)
Question 2 - "Just like Pokémon-types, the moves of the Pokémon has also have types?"
The answer is: "Yes" - If the Pokémon's matches its move's type, that move is made much more powerful!
Coupon 3 (key)
Question 3 - "Can a Pokémon hold an item?"
The answer is: "Yes" - A Pokémon may hold a single item. Some items become effective as soon as they are held by a Pokémon. Berries are eaten by Pokémon as necessary during battles.


The player of different genders will get different colors of Pokétch that matches their gender. If the player is male then the color of the Pokétch will be blue. If the player is a female then the Pokétch will be pink. The player's rival Pokétch is different then the two players of the game. The player's rival Pokétch is more orange than blue and pink. The Pokétch contains also different kinds of app, to pick up a different app you have to click on the red button that is on the left side of the Pokéwatch.

New Designs

Pokétch Pt

New type of models of the Pokétch.

In Pokémon Platinum there is a brand new design of the Pokétch. The designs are extremely different than that in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. It is more modern looking and more hi-tech.

The designs of the Pokétchs has been drastically changed. At the sides from left and right except the mid of the wristband of the watch it contains to be black. It has both It has two different colors at the mid of the wristband of the watch which depends on the player's gender. If the player is male then the watch is blue, if the player is female then the watch is pink. The watch has also been different which has been split in two side containing the screen in the mid of the watch. At the edges of the Pokétch watch it contains to be the color that depends on the player's gender with in the color is white with red buttons on the sides which a black stripe in the mid.

As usual, the player's rival has a different type of Pokétch which contains to be orange instead of the color that matches to his gender.


On the Pokétch, there are 25 apps with only four of the 25 that the player will get automatically after obtaining the Pokétch. The other 21 apps of the Pokétch can be obtained during the player's travel talking to different peoples in different cities and towns.

The Pokétch apps are very handy for the gamer during his adventures in playing the game. The gamer can use different apps for their own needs, such as, as example: the Kitchen Timer app can help you to warn you when something you have made is finished or another Pedometer can help you to count which steps the player makes which is also useful for the game to know if you need to recharge the Vs. Seeker or when a Pokémon egg is about to hatch. Here is a list of Pokétch apps and where you can obtain them.

Digital Watch

Main article: Digital Watch
Digital Watch 1

Digital Watch.

  • Number: 01
  • Obtain: Automatically
  • Computer Info: The Digital Watch displays the current time. Don't be late for meetings with your friends!
This watch shows how how late it is. This app is connected to the time that you have set on your Nintendo DS/ DSlite/ DSi/ DSiXL/ 3DS/ 3DSXL system. When you touch the screen it will lit. It only contains a Pikachu background.


Main article: Calculator
Calculator 1


  • Number: 02
  • Obtain: Automatically
  • Computer Info: The Calculator can handle up to ten digits. It's perfect for figuring out math questions that might pop up.
It is a calculator that can help you calculate sums if you don't know a math question.

Memo Pad

Main article: Memo Pad
Memo Pad 2

Memo Pad.

  • Number: 03
  • Obtain: The Pokétch Company (Jubilife City)
  • Basic Info: The Memo Pad app can be used for jotting down quick notes.
  • Computer Info: The Memo Pad is used to jot down notes or doodle. There's an eraser as well.
It is a app where you can write down notes or just draw things. You can erase them with a eraser at the left side above the pencil.


Main article: Pedometer
Pedometer 2


  • Number: 04
  • Obtain: Automatically
  • Computer Info: The Pedometer keeps a count of the number of steps traveled. It automatically counts steps. Touch the button to reset it.
It is a app where you can count steps that the player makes in the game. Handy if you need to recharge the Vs. Seeker to challenge a trainer to train your Pokémon or if you want to hatch a egg, or when the repel will run out so that you can use another.

Pokémon List

Main article: Pokémon List
Pedometer 2

Pokémon List.

  • Number: 05
  • Obtain: Automatically
  • Computer Info: The Pokémon List indicates the statuses of your team's Pokémon. Touch them to hear their cries. Their HP bar is also displayed.
It is a app where you can see the six Pokémons that the player has in his party. It can show you a lot of things. It can see the items that the Pokémons has, it can show the Heal Points the Pokémons got left and if you touch on one of them you can hear them cry and many other things more.

Friendship Checker

Main article: Friendship Checker
Friendship Checker 2

Friendship Checker.

  • Number: 06
  • Obtain: Pokémon Center (Eterna City)
  • Basic Info: The Friendship Checker app identifies the Pokémon that like you.
  • Computer Info: The Friendship Checker indicates how friendly your Pokémon are to you. Touch the screen. The Pokémon that like you will come closer faster. Tap and hold a Pokémon. 0 hearts: hates you 1 heart: likes you 2 hearts: likes you a lot 2 big hearts: loves you.
It can check the strong bond the player creates with the Pokémons he captures. It is handy for a player who captured Pokémons who only evolves through happiness.

Dowsing Machine

Main article: Dowsing Machine
Dowsing Machine 2

Dowsing Machine.

  • Number: 07
  • Obtain: Route 207
  • Basic Info: The Dowsing Machine app locates unsee-able items.
  • Computer Info: The Dowsing Machine can find buried items for you. If an item is near you, it will respond when you touch the app.
This app can let you find items that cannot be seen but are hidden in a certain place in a area. With the help of this app, it can detect where the items that are hidden in the area where they are.

Berry Searcher

Main article: Berry Searcher
Berry Searcher 2

Berry Searcher.

  • Number: 08
  • Obtain: Route 208
  • Basic Info: The Berry Searcher app indicates the locations of ripe Berries.
  • Computer Info: The Berry Searcher is a map that shows the locations of Berries. It indicates the presence of Berries in areas you have already visited.
This app can notify the player if the berries are ripe evenly when the player passed them during his journey in the game.

Day-Care Checker

Main article: Day-Care Checker
Day-Care Checker 2

Day-Care Checker.

  • Number: 09
  • Obtain: Solaceon Town
  • Basic Info: The Day-Care Checker app shows the Pokémon left with the Day Care.
  • Computer Info: The Day-Care Checker shows the Pokémon you have in the Day Care.
This app can let you see which Pokémons you have left at the day care center and also at which level they are. You can also see if they have a egg so that the player can pick it up.

Pokémon History

Main article: Pokémon History
Pokemon History 2

Pokémon History.

  • Number: 10
  • Obtain: Solaceon Town
  • Basic Info: The Pokémon History app shows the most recently obtained Pokémon.
  • Computer Info: The Pokémon History keeps track of the Pokémon you have obtained. It shows the last kind of Pokémon you obtained.
This app can let you see which Pokémon you have captured. It only displays 12 captured Pokémons and cry when you tap on their icons.


Main article: Counter
Counter (Poketch) 2


  • Number: 11
  • Obtain: Veilstone City
  • Basic Info: The Counter app can be used to count to 9,999.
  • Computer Info: The Counter is used for counting things one at a time. Touch the button and count whatever needs counting.
This app can let you count things one at a time when you click on the "+" button to add one number more.

Analog Watch

Main article: Analog Watch
Analog Watch 2

Analog Watch.

  • Number: 12
  • Obtain: Celestic Town
  • Basic Info: The Analog Watch app displays the current time.
  • Computer Info: The Analog Watch displays the current time. The short hand indicates the hour, and the long hand shows the minute!
This app contains the same information as the Digital Watch app.

Marking Map

Main article: Marking Map
Marking Map 2

Marking Map.

  • Number: 13
  • Obtain: Jubilife City
  • Basic Info: The Marking Map app allows the placement of markers.
  • Computer Info: The Marking Map lets you mark intriguing locations. Drag marks to places on the map that you want to remember.
This app can let you mark intriguing locations which you can drag these marks to places that you like to remember.

Link Searcher

Main article: Link Searcher
Link Searcher 2

Link Searcher.

  • Number: 14
  • Obtain: Jubilife City
  • Basic Info: The Linking Searcher app determines the availability of wireless hot spots.
  • Computer Info: The Link Searcher searches for players on wireless communications. Touch the screen to get a list of people using wireless communications.
This app will let you search players on wireless communications. If you touch at the screen you will see a list of players that is using the wireless communication.

Coin Toss

Main article: Coin Toss
Coin Toss 1

Coin Toss.

  • Number: 15
  • Obtain: Hotel Grand Lake of Valor Lakefront
  • Basic Info: The Coin Toss app can be used to make fair choices.
  • Computer Info: The Coin Toss app will flip a Magikarp coin when used, and will land on a side. Useful for choosing sides or decisions, especially if you can't flip a coin.
This app can let you flip a magikarp coin which decide which player can start first in real life problems such as playing the Pokémon Trading Game series or who must clean the dishes in your house. This can also used by peoples who cannot flip a coin.

Move Tester

Main article: Move Tester
Move Tester 2

Move Tester.

  • Number: 16
  • Obtain: Jubilife City
  • Basic Info: The Move Tester app is used to check how moves match up.
  • Computer Info: The Move Tester checks how effective moves are by type. Switch the attacker and defender types to see what is effective.
This app can let you see which move is effective against another type or evenly can watch which move is effective to a Pokémon with two different types. It is very handy to capture a Pokémon who's moves are super effective against a Pokémon to who the player battles with.


Main article: Calendar
Calendar 2


  • Number: 17
  • Obtain: Sunyshore City
  • Basic Info: The Calendar app is a monthly calendar with date reminders.
  • Computer Info: Use the monthly Calendar to make a note of important dates. Touch any date to change its color. Touch it again to change it back.
This app let you see which day and month it is which you also can know about tomorrow. You can make notes of important dates.

Dot Artist

Main article: Dot Artist

Dot Artist 2

Dot Artist.

  • Number: 18
  • Obtain: Sunyshore City
  • Basic Info: The Dot Artist app gives players free reign to their creativity.
  • Computer Info: The Dot Artist lets you draw pictures in a mosaic style. Touching the same dot makes its color turn darker.
This app can let you make pictures in mosaic style which if you touch the same dot it will become darker.


Main article: Roulette

Trainer Counter

Main article: Trainer Counter

Kitchen Timer

Main article: Kitchen Timer

Color Changer

Main article: Color Changer

Matchup Checker

Main article: Matchup Checker


Main article: Stopwatch

Alarm Clock

Main article: Alarm Clock


List of Pokétch Apps
Digital Watch - Calculator - Memo Pad - Pedometer - Pokémon List
Friendship Checker - Dowsing Machine - Berry Searcher - Day-Care Checker - Pokémon History
Counter - Analog Watch - Marking Map - Link Searcher - Coin Toss
Move Tester - Calendar - Dot Artist - Roulette - Trainer Counter
Kitchen Timer - Color Changer - Matchup Checker - Stopwatch - Alarm Clock

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