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Pokéstar Studios
ポケウッド Pokéwood
BW2 Location 1
Information about Pokéstar Studios
Region: Unova
Connecting locations: ↓ South - Virbank City
Weather: Normal
Kind: Area
Needed HM: None

Pokéstar Studios is an area in southwestern Unova situated above Virbank City whose function as a movie studio replaces the Pokémon Musical function of Black and White in Pokémon Black and White Versions 2, allowing the player to choose a script and enact various scenes to create a movie. Roxie's father and Brycen have starred in numerous films created in the Pokéstar Studios.

Making movies

To make a movie, the player walks into an area with a green screen and faces a person in a motion capture suit. Here the player enters a battle scene where he/she uses their Pokémon against the character in the motion capture suit.

In battle, the player will get a variety of script options to follow and these options will determine the course of the movie. Once the script is run through, the movie is complete and the player can watch the result.

Special Shine

Special Shine

The special intro animation

After you've completed a movie, you have the ability to enter the movies with your own Pokémon. However, if you deviate from the script and say things out of character but ultimately don't fail the mission, then you will get the "Strange" ending of the movies. An example would be defeating Brycenman's Pokémon within the "Brycenman Strikes Back" movie.

If you successfully accomplish this, your Pokémon will have a special intro animation that will show a star bouncing upwards as the Pokémon enters battle.

This also will make the crowd happier if the Pokémon with the special shine is in another movie.

In the anime

Pokéstar Studios debuted in the anime episode BW084.

List of PokeStar/Pokewood Movies series

1: Brycen-man Series.-Super Hero Films.- Action/Adventure

2: Full Metal Cop Series.-Thief Villian Films.-Adventure

3: Invaders Series.-Space Cadet/City Protector Hero Films.-Sci-Fi/Action

4: Big Monster Series.- Space Cadet/City Protector Hero Films.-Sci-Fi/Action

5: Time Gate Traverler Series.- Scientist/Lab Professor Hero Films.- Sci-Fi

6: Spainsh-Amor a Primera Vista Engish- Traniner and Pokémon, That love Series.- School Kid/Student Hero Films.- Horror/Romance

7: German-Die Pforten des Zauberreichs Engish- The Magical Kingdom's Mysterious Door Series.- Royalty Hero Films.- Fantasy

8: Japanese: The Giant Woman!- Engish- OL The Giant!! Series.- School Kid/ Student Hero Films.- Horror

9:Italian-La Nebbia Rossa- Engish-The Nightmarish Red Mist Or The Red Mist Series.-School Kid/Student Hero Films- Horror

10: An Unforgettable Memory Series.-Scientist/Lab Professor Hero Films- Sci-Fi

11: Ghost Eraser Series.-School kid/Student Hero Films- Horror/Sci-Fi

All Movies Are In Order.

List of Parodies.


1:-Full Metal Cop- Parody of Robo cop or Full Metal Jacket.

2:-Big Monster- Parody of Godzilla.

3:- Time Gate Traverler- Parody of Back To The Future or The Girl Who Lept Though Time.

4:-The Giant Woman- Parody of Attack of the 50 foot Woman.

5:-Ghost Eraser- Parody of Ghost Busters.

List of costumes

1:Rilou Kid/Rilou Girl.

2:The Space Cadet/City Protector.

3:Lab Professor/Scientist.


5:School Kid/Student.

6: Thief Villian.

Pokéstar sprites


KyōheiPokéstar1 KyōheiPokéstar2 KyōheiPokéstar3 KyōheiPokéstar4 KyōheiPokéstar5 KyōheiPokéstar6
KyōheiPokéstar7 KyōheiPokéstar8 KyōheiPokéstar9 KyōheiPokéstar10 KyōheiPokéstar11
Back Sprites
KyōheiPokéstarBack1 KyōheiPokéstarBack3 KyōheiPokéstarBack4 KyōheiPokéstarBack6 KyōheiPokéstarBack5 KyōheiPokéstarBack2


MeiPokéstar1 MeiPokéstar2 MeiPokéstar3 MeiPokéstar4 MeiPokéstar5 MeiPokéstar6
MeiPokéstar7 MeiPokéstar8 MeiPokéstar9 MeiPokéstar10 MeiPokéstar11
Back Sprites
MeiPokéstarBack1 MeiPokéstarBack3 MeiPokéstarBack4 MeiPokéstarBack6 MeiPokéstarBack5 MeiPokéstarBack2

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