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Ash wins the triathlon.

The Pokémon Triathlon is a competition at the Pokémon Summer Academy. It is a three-part race. The students don't use their own Pokémon, but the ones of the school.

Students start at the academy. Competitors race to a checkpoint when the race begins to borrow one of the Pokémon available and then ride on the Pokémon through the woods to the next checkpoint. When the first participant reaches the second checkpoint the participant then returns the first Pokémon in exchange for a Water-type Pokémon to ride across the lake. Once the participant gets across the lake, it is a dash back to the academy where the finish line is located. First place earns 50 points, second place earns 30 points, third place earns 20 points, and the remaining teams receive 10 points a piece.


First Leg

Second Leg

Third Leg