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|platform = Game Boy
|platform = Game Boy
|region = Kanto}}
|region = Kanto}}
'''''Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition''''', simply referred to as '''''Pokémon Yellow''''', is the third installment in the international ''[[Pokémon]]'' franchise and the fourth in the Japan releases. It is only for GB. ''Pokémon Yellow'' is notable as it is the first of the series to allow Pokémon to walk alongside the player character, as well as having an {{Type
|2 = Electric
|1 = Electric
}}-type Pokémon being the starter Pokémon, as opposed to a {{Type
|2 = Water
|1 = Water
}}-type, {{Type
|2 = Fire
|1 = Fire
}}-type, or {{Type
|2 = Grass
|1 = Grass
''Pokémon Yellow'' is very similar to its predecessors, using the same locations and sequences of them, however, ''Pokémon Yellow'' expands upon the basis of the original pair to become more similar to the [[Pokémon Anime|anime series]]. Much like [[Ash Ketchum]]'s adventures in the [[Kanto]] region, the player character begins the game with a [[Pikachu]], who grows more fond of the character over time and refuses to return to its [[Poké Ball]], and has frequent run-ins with [[Jessie (anime)|Jessie]], [[James (anime)|James]] and [[Team Rocket's Meowth|Meowth]]. Additionally, the starter Pokémon of the original pair, [[Bulbasaur]], [[Charmander]] and [[Squirtle]], can all be found in-game. Charmander is received from a poor trainer, Bulbasaur is received from nurses and Squirtle is received from [[Officer Jenny]] after defeating [[Lt. Surge]] in the [[Vermillion City]] [[Vermilion City Gym|gym]].
==Gym Leaders==
{|style="width:550px; text-align:center; color:#000; font-size:8pt" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"
| style="background-color:#E6DDB9"|[[File:Brock(Y)Sprite.png]]<br />[[File:Boulderbadge.png|right|40px]][[Brock (Game)|Brock]]<br />[[File:Type_Rock.gif]]<br />[[Pewter City]]
| style="background-color:#9BB8FE"|[[File:Misty(Y)Sprite.png]]<br />[[File:Cascadebadge.png|right|30px]][[Misty (Game)|Misty]]<br />[[File:Type_Water.gif]]<br />[[Cerulean City]]
| style="background-color:#FCEEB6"|[[File:Lt._Surge(Y)Sprite.png]]<br />[[File:Thunderbadge.png|right|40px]][[Lt. Surge]]<br />[[File:Type_Electric.gif]]<br />[[Vermilion City]]
| style="background-color:#ACEA8C"|[[File:Erika(Y)Sprite.png]]<br />[[File:Rainbowbadge.png|right|40px]][[Erika]]<br />[[File:Type_Grass.gif]]<br />[[Celadon City]]
| style="background-color:#D878D8"|[[File:Koga(Y)Sprite.png]]<br />[[File:Soulbadge.png|right|40px]][[Koga]]<br />[[File:Type_Poison.gif]]<br />[[Fuchsia City]]
| style="background-color:#F99CB8"|[[File:Sabrina(Y)Sprite.png]]<br />[[File:Marshbadge.png|right|40px]][[Sabrina]]<br />[[File:Type_Psychic.gif]]<br />[[Saffron City]]
| style="background-color:#F9D2B6"|[[File:Blaine(Y)Sprite.png]]<br />[[File:Volcanobadge.png|right|40px]][[Blaine]]<br />[[File:Type_Fire.gif]]<br />[[Cinnabar Island]]
| style="background-color:#F8DD92"|[[File:Giovanni(Y)Sprite.png]]<br />[[File:Earthbadge.png|right|40px]][[Giovanni]]<br />[[File:Type_Ground.gif]]<br />[[Viridian City]]
==Elite Four and Champion==
{|style="width:550px; text-align:center; color:#000; font-size:8pt" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"
| style="background-color:#BDF3F3"|[[File:Lorelei(GenI)Sprite.png]]<br />[[Lorelei]]<br />[[File:Type_Ice.gif]]
| style="background-color:#E5524A"|[[File:Bruno(Y)Sprite.png]]<br />[[Bruno]]<br />[[File:Type_Fighting.gif]]
| style="background-color:#A18DC4"|[[File:Agatha(Y)Sprite.png]]<br />[[Agatha]]<br />[[File:Type_Ghost.gif]]
| style="background-color:#9F77FF"|[[File:Lance(Y)Sprite.png]]<br />[[Lance]]<br />[[File:Type_Dragon.gif]]
| style="background-color:#9DC1B7"|[[File:Blue3(Y)Sprite.png]]<br />[[Blue (game)|Blue]]<br />[[File:Type_???.gif]]
== Trivia ==
* ''Pokémon Yellow'' is the first game in the series to have only one starter Pokémon.
* ''Pokémon Yellow'' is the only game to have a pure {{Type|Electric}}-type Pokémon as the version mascot.
* ''Pokémon Yellow'' is the only game to have a starter Pokémon that needs an [[Evolution Stone]] to evolve.
* It is impossible to complete the Pokédex without doing [[Mew Glitch#The Mew Glitch|the Mew Glitch]].
* The gym leaders' Pokémon's levels in'' Pokémon Yellow '' are generally higher than those in ''Pokémon Red/Blue.''
*''Pokémon Yellow'' is the first game to feature your starter following the player, the second being [[Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver]].
* ''Pokémon Yellow'' is the only game where [[Pikachu]] won't evolve, the only way to make it evolve is to trade it, evolve it, then send it back to Yellow.
{{Maingame}} During the game, you are able to obtain [[Bulbasaur]], [[Charmander]], and [[Squirtle]] in different locations, so you are truly able to complete your pokedex
this is the only game with 4 gym leaders who have pokemon over level 50 
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[[Category:Generation I]]

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Pokémon Yellow
Pokemon Yellow
Game Information
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Game Freak
Category RPG
Players 1-2 Players
ESRB E for Everyone
Release Dates
Flag of Japan September 12, 1998
Flag of the United States October 1, 1999
Flag of Europe June 16, 2000
Flag of Australia September 3, 1999
Other Info
Platform Game Boy
Region Kanto

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