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Template:Main Game Infobox 'Pokémon X Version' (Japanese: ポケットモンスターX Pocket Monsters X) and 'Pokémon Y Version' (Japanese: ポケットモンスターY Pocket Monsters Y) are the upcoming video games of the Generation VI series. Pokémon X Version and Pokémon Y Version are the first two Pokémon video games that comes exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. The video games were announced by current Nintendo president Satoru Iwata on January 8, 2013 on 11 AM GMT and 6 AM EST during a Pokémon Direct video on the Nintendo 3DS. These will be the first video games of the Pokémon series that will be released worldwide with exception of different countries. Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will be released on October 2013, but a official release date of the video games is still unknown.


3D Enchantment

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are the first two Pokémon games that are completely in a 3-dimensional style of gameplay. Each and everything has been changed since the release of previous Pokémon games. The sprites has been changed into 3D designed models from the characters in the video games to the Pokémons. The appearance of a Pokémon has also been change as seen in the trailer when the male protagonist was running through the grass and encountered a Pikachu.

Battle System Enchantment

The battle system in video games went also under a 3-dimensional style. As seen in the trailer of the video game there were different Pokémon battles introduced. The attack of a Pokémon will be shown in a 3D style against another Pokémon, and it will even show how the Pokémon will move when he is getting hit by one of the moves from the Pokémon.


Starter Pokémons

The trailer also shows off three new Pokémon which appear to be the Fire, Grass and Water starters.


The two legendary Pokémon that are the mascots for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y have been officially named as: Xerneas and Yveltal. Xerneas is deer-like with rainbow antlers, who is shaped like the letter X when it's legs are apart, while Yveltal bird-like avian of some sort, who is shaped like the letter Y.


The Trainer use the Bag to the adveture to use itens in the categories.


  • Big Mushroom
  • Protector
  • Star Piece
  • Red Shard

Evolution Stones

  • Moon Stone
  • ThunderStone
  • Fire Stone


  • Potion
  • Rare Candy
  • Revive
  • Full Restore


  • Lovery Mail
  • Pikachu Mail
  • Pansear Mail
  • Air Mail
  • Poké Mail


  • Oran Berry
  • Chesto Berry

Battle Itens

  • X Speed
  • Carbos
  • Dire Hit
  • Hp UP
  • Pp Up
  • X Attack

TMs and HMs

  • TM20 Safeguard
  • TM100 Unnamed the attack of the tipy Fire

Poké Balls

  • Poké Ball
  • Great Ball
  • Ultra Ball
  • Golden Ball
  • Green Ball
  • Old Ball
  • Dark Ball

Key Itens

  • Journal
  • Pal Pad
  • Network Pad
  • Vs. Recorder




It can be possible that Pokémon X and Pokémon Y version are based on Europe. During the trailer of the video game, Pikachu was standing on a sort looking Eiffel Tower which is the main monument in France. Furthermore, when the screen is zoomed out, it can be seen that Pikachu was also on a continent looking similar to Europe. Also in the trailer, the female protagonist has been seen running from a bridge which is probably modelled after the Tower Bridge, a iconic symbol of England.


  • These are the first main Pokémon titles that uses single letters instead using colors or material items for the sub-title.
  • These are the first two games to have their mascot's English name released before their Japanese names.
  • The name of the new region is the Linthia.
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