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Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

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Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness
Pokémon XD
Game Information
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Genius Sonority
Category RPG
Players 1-4 players
ESRB E for Everyone
Release Dates
Flag of Japan August 4, 2005
Flag of the United States October 3, 2005
Flag of Europe November 18, 2005
Other Info
Platform Game Cube
Region Orre

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness is the sequel game to Pokémon Colosseum, and is one of the few Pokémon Games available for Nintendo Gamecube. It continues to expand on the Shadow Pokémon storyline and the villainous syndicate known as Cipher. teqrteqrttrt

Differences from terr Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald.

  • This game was released one year after Pokémon Colosseum.
  • Main Character is named Michael.


Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness starts out by showing a cut scene of a boat caught in a storm at sea. This boat is then attacked by an evil looking Pokemon (Lugia). Now you control Michael in a one-on-one battle with your Salamence against a Metagross. After you win, you find out it was just a battle simulator in the Pokémon HQ Lab, a Pokémon lab your mother works at. Then your mom Lily gives you your P*DA and asks you to go find your sister Jovi. You go to an ominous and spooky house with a statue of Groudon in a fountain called Kaminko's house. When you get to the front door, you get stopped by Kaminko's assistant, Chobin, who thinks your a burglar and challenges you to a battle (this is a very common theme throughout the game). After you beat him, you get Jovi and return to the lab. As a reward, Professor Krane, the head scientist at the lab, gives you your very own Snag Machine, which can steal Shadow Pokémon from opposing trainers so you can purify them.

Soon after, Krane gets ambushed by a few members of Cipher. You have to battle one of them, known as Naps, whom holds the game's first Shadow Pokémon a Teddiursa. After you beat him, Cipher takes Krane and drives away. Lily, knowing that the purification chamber must be completed, asks you to go to Gateon Port to get a machine part for the chamber. When you arrive, Jovi runs into a thugrretertefrom a young man named Perr and you meet his rtetqertyou erterterqt

When you first enter Phenac City, a woman will stop you, tell you that you're the 1,000,000th visitor, give you some battle CDs, and send you off to Realgem Tower. You find Trudly and Folly blabbing on about the Battle CDs. They feel like throwing them in places all around Orre. You can explore Realgam Tower's Battle Bingo, Battle Sims, and Colosseum (not up and running yet).

Then head back to Phenac City. You head over to the Mayor's House. The secretary won't let you upstairs into the Mayor's room, so you'll have to find a distraction. She says she'd like some music so... take the CD you found back to the Mayor's House. Give then give it to the secretary. She plays the music, leaving the entrance to upstairs wide open. The Mayor isn't upstairs, but there is a note on the bed. It's a note from the Mayor to Justy, telling Justy of Cipher's plan. The note appears to have been cut shrtwertwerort. The secretary then comes up and reveals herself as a Cipher Peon and after you defeat her and her back-up they retreat.

Head outside, and you'll see Justy walk out of the Pre Gym... six times. It's the Hexagon Brothers in disguise. Track down all six of them and the other imposters around town. After they're dealt with and you've snagged their Shadow Pokemon, Fostin will spill the beans. Almost all of the townsfolk that have been impersonated are in the Pre Gym's basement. You'll need the Elevator Key, which nether Fostin nor anyone else so far has... Head outside and talk to the little boy. There's commotion up in Phenac Stadium, at the farthest north in the city.

After Michael fights his way through the few remaining present Cipher Peons he challenges the Cipher Admin Snattle who reveals he will be the governor ofeqtqereerto find the pokemon Nett notices you are covered in sand and after hearing your story his friend Bitt suggests Perr to find a solution to your problem. When you go to Gaten Port Perr can't handle equipmeqertqertnt of the likes you need yet so he asks you to go get his dad. You go to the tqretqertqer

When you reach the ship and start exploring igqtqewrtqeertfgt by going through a hole in the hull you run into three Cipher agents on the deck, one of them is Cipher Admin Gorigan who orders his men to deal with you as he heads back to his lair but one of the Peons makes an excuse to dump the responsibility of battling you on his comrade who is defeated. After the last Cipher Agent runs off a strange man comes out of the wheelhouse and explains that he has made the wrecked ship his homert and that you can rest at his place in the wheelhouse and asks you to search the ship as strange stwerounds are coming from the storaasege. As Michael makes his way through the ship using boxes to make bridges and clear rouwerttes the evenwertuatewrtwertwertwelly finds out that the source of the sounds is the little girls' Btwerontsly that he promised to find and when he almost sneaks up on it your P*DA rings and startles the tofwerand when you reporwert thtsays it will probaly head for somewhere more suited for pokemon which causes Michael to immediately guess that the Bonsly will head for a Poke Spot. As y4ou leave the ship a bunch of Team Snagem grunts show up led bywer Wakim their teresecond-in-command, who uses h5wertis Pokémon Gloom to knock you out with Sleep powder and takes your snag machine.

When you wake up in the ship the ship man asks you why the grunts attacked you and when you explain what has been happening the ship man points you in the direction that the grunts went and you follow them to the Cipher Key Lair where you witness Zook destroy Wakim in a pokemon battle after which Wakim and his men flee. You then battle Zook and beat him though you can't snag his Shadow Zangoose right now. When you leave the Lair you get an email from Secc who asks you to come to Pyrite Town where after you explain how you lost your Snag Machine. Secc will then directs yortqertqerterteqrertqweutqertrLeader for your Snag Machine after which he lets you walk out. When you return to the Cipher Key Lair You tdefeat Zook again this time snagging his Zangoose and after that Zook quits and Gonzap and Wakitererm show up and trtqertqqewAdmin Gorigan who after the battle threatens to blow up the factory. He is stopped by Verich who appears on the TV screen and reveals himself to be Grand Master Greevil of Cipher and that the XD001 has been perfected to withstand purifaction, he also tells you his base is on Citadark Isle. The TV then turns off, and Gorigan flees. You theqerteqwrn pick up a full list of the Shadow Pokemon and when you are going back to the entrance you hear that Miror B. and his goons stole a Shadow Dragonitefrom Cipher. You head to Gateon Port Where Makan reveals that the Robo Kyogre is finished and will take you to Citadark Isle. You should go back to the Pokemon HQ Lab to recieve the Master Ball from Professor Krane. You then go to Citadark Isle and fight and snag your way through alot of Cipher agents and Admins including Greevils Bodyguards and sons (Ardos & Eldes) until you reach Greevil who's plan is to have an army of Shadow Pokemon he then orders the Shadow Lugia to attack you at which you simply catch it immediately with the Master Ball. Greevil will then battle you with his team of all Shadow Pokemon including Rhydon, Moltres, Exeggutor, Tauros, Articuno, and Zapdos at wrhich you catch all of them.

Greevil is crushed and dejected as Ardos comes into the room. He reccomends destroying the whole island with you still on it. Greevil, however, says that it would destroy the shadow pokemon data and all his allies as well, so it's not a great idea. Ardos, however, argues thatqertqert2eqt those things can be replaced. He has a helicopter ready for their escape, but Eldes shows up, and is ashambed of Ardos. He's a lot more moral and honorable. Ardos says that clinging to honor will be the endtertwertre of Cipher and that's no good. Greevil reluctantly agrees. Eldes says that Cipher is already finished, and there's no point in escaping, because they have to start from scratch anyways. Ardos is still stubborn, and orders Greevil to destroy the island. Greevil apologises for being about to destroy the island, but Eldes, Greevil's son, urges him once more, toqertqertqer stop. Eldes says that Greevil can't take over the world with just strong pokemon, and points to you as an example. Ardos tries to quiet Eldes down, but he won't have any of it. Eldes offers his hand to Greevil to stand again and regain some dignity. Eldes then takes you aside and thanks you for ending this nightmare. He looks forward to battling you in the future, but not as enemies. Suddenly, the storm around Citadark Isle breaks and when you arrive back there is a huge celebration in your honor. Even Jovi is happy to have you home. The game saves, and finishes. But is that the end? Nope. You wake up in your Bedroom at the Pokemon HQ Lab and go outside and battle Eugun and then you can purify the Lugia with the go and catch the last Shadow Pokemon from Miror B. After you snag his Dragonite and defeat him he destroys the device that tracks him. Oh well you've got the last Shadow Pokemon.

Shadow Pokemon List




  • "XD" the title of the game stanretwertwertds for "Extra Dimensions".
  • XD is named after XD001 oqertwertwertr Shadow Lugia.
  • XD is also the newrtwertwerame of a smiley (It's probably only a coincidence).

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