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The Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup is a tournament in the anime that is held in Lacunosa Town . It is hosted by Unova League Champion Alder and Freddy O'Martian . The winner of the tournament gets a chance to battle Alder. The tournament took place from Jostling for the Junior Cup! to Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!.



The Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup is a 16-competitor tournament consisting of four rounds, and entrants are allowed to switch Pokémon between rounds. All rounds consisted of 1 on 1 battles against randomly matched up Trainers by a computer.


While the main prize is the winner to a chance to battle Alder, those who Participate will be given keychains that resemble Alder himself.


After the Junior Cup was over, Ash, Cilan,Dawn and Iris said goodbye to their rivals as they hope to see them again. Just then they encounter a trainer name Cameron and his Riolu, who set up camp to compete in the Junior Cup only to be told it was already over.

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