Jirachiwish's Past Actions

Dear users of Pokemon Wiki. Some of you may know me, I am Godisme, a user at Bleach Wiki and an administrator at Central. Jazzi has informed me that Jirachiwish is requesting rollback rights here. While it would not be right of me to cast a vote since I am not an active user here, I would like to make you all aware of a situation that happened over on Bleach Wiki and Bleach Answers with this user. Jirachiwish is active here only because he is no longer welcome on Bleach Wiki. This is due to problems with stalking, insults, repeated bad behavior, vandalism and sock puppetry. Over on Bleach Wiki, we have what is called the Policy & Standards Committee. This group is made of 9 people with rollback who do the majority of the work around the site. When Jirachiwish learned there was going to be an opening in the committee, he became obsessed. That is when he decided to go to Bleach answers and put on a show in order to make himself look good. Eonstratagem showed up on the wiki and began asking questions about the committee and Jirachiwish. His questions were quite leading, begging for a response that would make Jirachiwish seem like a good user. He then left a message for Jirachiwish asking Jirachiwish to join in making a site about how Arrancar109, a Bleach Wiki administrator, was rude and cruel. I checked bac[k on Bleach Wiki and saw that Eonstrategem had made one edit to the wiki, it was to vandalize Arrancar109's user page. Jirachiwish then responded to Eonstrategem's message by saying he was a good user and respected Arrancar109. This all seemed too much like Jirachiwish's doing to me so I contacted wikia and had them check the information for the two users. They emailed me back in the morning and confirmed for me that Jirachiwish and Eonstratagem were the same person.

This was just the first incident with him. After Jirachiwish admitted to being Eonstratagem, I made him apologize to Arrancar109 and it was decided to not block him. This is when the stalking began. He began to follow me to other wikis, even finding my test wiki which I never told him about. He followed me to community central's chat. He would do everything I would do. If I was doing something on Bleach Wiki in bulk, he would do it too. He would copy my personal code files, changing them every time I did. He was so unaware of what he was doing even that he added a link to my blog in his account navigation. He became frustrating and refused to take any criticism. I told him plenty of times he needed to add categories to his images when he uploads them. It was only once he figured out that this would give him more edits that he started to do so. I won't even get into his propensity for uploading images that were a split second away from an existing one just so he could boost his edit count more. Then came the insults. SunXia, the primary image getter on Bleach Wiki and 2nd seat of the Policy & Standards Committee, was repeatedly insulted by Jirachwish after he she told him to follow policies. Then came the stalking again. Myself and SunXia were getting so frustrated with him that rather than discuss it on the wiki where he would continue his insults, we took it to one of the wikis I am an admin on. One that Jirachiwish would have no reason to go to other than to stalk me as the subject matter is guitar tabs and I am the only editor there. He found this and demanded that we, two of the most active contributors to Bleach Wiki, be banned from the site. His stalking became so bad that he was told by staff to back off. It was after the admins of Bleach wiki finally stepped in and confirmed that everything SunXia and I were telling him to do was right and he was close to being blocked, that he decided to leave the wiki and come here for good.

In conclusion, Jirachiwish is a two time vandal, a stalker and one of the most unpleasant people I have ever had the displeasure of working with. By giving him rollback, you only reward him for these actions. I know that none of this occurred on this wiki but I feel all of this must be known before anyone makes a decision to give Jirachiwish rollback rights. Thank you for your time God (Pray)18:59, August 17, 2011 (UTC)

Thanks for the information, I will be changing my vote, but I have 1 question. Are people from central allowed to go to wikis and persuade consensus about things as such. I am very thankful that you notified us about this but at the same time, I don't think it was right to post this on the nomination. Perhaps on a forum or blog. Also, I want to see a link about this behavior of the user. Technology Wizard · talk
(edit conflict) If they feel it right, they can comment on the nomination. I had someone comment on one of my nominations once. – zzi 19:48, August 17, 2011 (UTC)
Godisme: How do you know he hasn't changed. What he did on your wiki is now the past - how do you know he hasn't made a fresh start. Has Jirachi done anything bad on this wiki so far? From what I know the answer to that question is no. That's actually quite a nasty thing to do saying all that (even thought its true) without checking if Jirachi's changed his ways. He's happy on this wiki from what I can see and now you've given him an awful reputation so if he doesn't get this rollback people are never going to trust him without remembering all that. I think since then he has realised that he was being really freaky. In my religion forgiveness is a tough business but I think I have it in me to forgive. I say give Jirachi rollback for 2 weeks and see how it goes and make sure we know what he's doing at all times and the first wrong move then BAM and he gets banned. If it goes well, then you owe him a huge apology for giving him an incredibly bad reputation. -- Hstar (Talk) 20:00, August 17, 2011 (UTC)
A wiki is free to edit. I talked to Jazzi before I posted this and she okayed it. This was not a post coming from a central admin, this was a post coming from someone who had dealt with Jirachiwish many times before. As for a link to his behavior, they are all above or can be seen by his w:c:bleach:Special:Contributions/Jirachiwish.God (Pray)19:51, August 17, 2011 (UTC)
Ok. Also I have already scanned through the contribution list on that wiki for this user, but I haven't found anything as bad as what you mentioned. Is it possible to show me something drastic that the user did on the wiki? Technology Wizard · talk

Might as well move this here too!! My name's SunXia and I know alot about the current situation that you are discussing!! Here are his attempts to make himself look good also by posting this on his own talk page!! He then proceeded to post this to try and make himself look good until Godisme found him out!! I don't think somebody is able to change so drstically in two months given the length of time it had been since he had set up the abusive Arrancar109 Wiki and then he continued to abuse me!! He tortured me on the Bleach Chat privately, asking over and over again to change things to the way he wanted them to be!! He continuously took 30+ edits to write out simple summaries and was asked to stop doing this!! As the head of the Images department there, he would frequently abuse me if I fixed his images and would hunt down everything that was said about him!! He even came here and lied about us and said we were doing things to him when all he ever cared about was how he looked on the site and would jump down my throat at every opportunity and apologizing to the other members and not to myself, suggesting the work I was doing was not enough even though I was constantly cleaning his messy images and edits!! He is too immature to deal with Rollback rights and is too confrontational and cannot deal with criticism!! Also, after he created a hurtful Wiki about Arrancar109, his only concern was whether or not he would get to have Rollback Rights in the future and not that he had doe something abusive and then tried to make himself look to be a better editor!! No this user has not changed and I am still fixing the Fight articles he did do!! Just felt I should let you know!! SunXia (Chat) 20:33, August 17, 2011 (UTC)

New User Rights Templates?

Can someone please explain the new user Rights Templates, and what they are for, and why Tech and Jazzi have voted twice? --Bullet Francisco (talk) 23:58, September 4, 2011 (UTC)

Hmm? Technology Wizard · talk
{{support}} adds
Support Support: to the page.
{{oppose}} adds
Oppose Oppose: to the page.
{{neutral}} adds
Neutral Neutral: to the page.
And the stupid Delete and Keep stuff is because, well you're going to have to consult Tech with that, as I found it pointless from the start. – zzi 00:01, September 5, 2011 (UTC)
Oh that. These are voting templates that were added. I didn't add the comment one though. The "stupid" delete and keep templates are for users that want to change their votes. If I want to change my vote, it looks unprofessional to cross it out, so delete, and then if I change my mind back to the original one, then keep. Technology Wizard · talk

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