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by name]]
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{{HeadingA|Recent Pokémon News}}
{{HeadingA|Recent Pokémon News}}
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*Arceus has been officially revealed by The Pokémon Company for the upcoming 12th movie.
*Arceus has been officially revealed by The Pokémon Company for the upcoming 12th movie.
gA|Helping out
{{HeadingA|Helping out}}
; Not sure where to start?
; Not sure where to start?
* Find out more about the wiki on the '''[[Project:About|About]]''' page.
* Find out more about the wiki on the '''[[Project:About|About]]''' page.

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by name]]

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  • [[Category:Pokemon|General Po


  • Shaymin is to be distrubeted in the UK at GAME.
  • Pokémon Platinum is set to be released on May 22nd in Europe and the U.K..
  • Arceus has been officially revealed by The Pokémon Company for the upcoming 12th movie.

gA|Helping out

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The Pokémon Encyclopedia is an encyclopedia completely dedicated and pertaining to Pokémon.

We are currently editing over 12,917 articles.

There is, however, a difference — since we're a wiki, all, or most pages here can be edited by absolutely anyone, at anytime, without permission — as long as, of course, you're making good changes. You are welcome to join us and contribute to this wiki. Everyone is free to create a new page or edit an existing one.

For a Spanish-language Pokémon wiki, check out WikiDex!

Template:HeadingB Badge


The Coal Badge.

Badges (バッジ Badge) are collected throughout the regions in all of the main series Pokémon games and also in the Pokémon Anime. Badges are obtained usually by defeating the holder of the badge in a Pokémon battle, a Gym Leader. In the game series, there are a total of 8 badges per region.




National Dex: #004
Type(s): Fire
Species: Lizard Pokémon

Charmander is a Kanto region Starter Pokémon. The flame at the tip of its tail is known to indicate both its life force and its emotions.


*...James from the Pokémon Anime series has never actually battled any of the Pokémon that he has owned?
*...that Slaking has the highest Base Stat of all non-legendary Pokémon?
*...Lucas's is outfit from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl closely resembles Ash's Diamond and Pearl series outfit?
*...Pokémon Platinum is the only main series game to be named after a type of medal, considering Pokémon Gold and Silver are named after colours?
*...Arceus is the second highest level Pokémon available for catching?

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