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Hello, welcome to our interview with Nectaria, a respected editor of the Pokémon Wiki. So, let's get started!
#1 Q): How long have you edited on Wikia as a whole?
A: Well, I started editing this wikia since 20th November 2011 but I have made less edits on that year!
#2 Q): What made you to come to edit at this Wiki? How did you hear about it?
A: I came to this wikia because I was thinking that it was a better place to edit pokémon articles than Bulbapedia.
#3 Q): What is your favorite Pokémon and why?
A: Too many to count because I love most of Pokémon like starters, legendaries, eeveevolutions etc.
#4 Q): What do you like most about the Pokémon franchise?
A: I love both games and anime but I liked the anime better! That's because it was the anime that got me into Pokémon and it featured most of my favorite characters.
#5 Q): Do you watch the anime? If so, what is your favorite character?
A: Of course my favorite characters are Ritchie, Casey, Duplica, Todd, Sakura, Lily from Johto, Tracey, Ash, Misty, Gary, Butch, Cassidy and many other trainers ^_^.
#6 Q): What is your favorite part of editing on the Pokémon Wiki?
A: I love editing pages of my favorite pokémon, trainers, episodes, chapters etc.
#7. Q): Do you read manga? Which arc is your favorite?
A: If you mean't the Adventures manga then my favorite arcs are RBY, GSC and FR/LG. For other manga series, I liked the Indigo League stories of the Electric of Pikachu manga!
#8. Q): Do you edit any other wikis than the Pokémon Wiki?
A: Yes, I have edited some other wikias like Disney Wikia, Lost Media, WikiaAnswers, Digimon Wikia etc.
#9. Q): How much excited are you for Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire?
A: I'm very excited because they finally remaking RS and it's great to see more new features like new Mega Evolutions, Primal Forms, New Contests, Super Secret Bases etc.
#10. Q): Do you have anything else you want to point out? Any improvements you want to see on this Wiki?
A: Hmmm.... Maybe the polls should have multiple choices because it will be cool to vote more than one pokémon or characters/trainers.
Thank you, Nectaria, for this fine interview! Now, everyone, give an applause! Also, if you want to be interviewed, please make sure to edit a lot and work hard!

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