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A template is a message, or importable page, that is located by itself somewhere on the Pokémon Encyclopedia, that can be used on any other page; so, as in the text of the template; by adding the name of the template to the page you want the template's text on, syntaxed like {{templatename}}. This is useful for several reasons: whenever the template is changed on its external location, it also changes itself on all the pages it has been used on, making updating several pages that contain the same thing much easier (simular to SSI). It is also useful as a shortcut; instead of typing out a whole bunch of words, just type {{whatever}} and the text of the template whatever will appear on the page, when rendered (when editing, the template will always look like {{whatever}}).

To create a template, one would create a page called something like Template:templatename (the template must be in the template namespace). The page they created would contain text that they would like to be on more than one page. Then, they would add {{templatename}} to the pages they wanted the text on, or whatever the actual page name was, excluding the namespace (in this case Template, which it must always be).

To produce the text of a template, but not have it look like {{templatename}} when you edit the page, type {{subst:templatename}}. This way, the next time the page is edited, the content of the page using {{templatename}} is edited, you will see the content of the template, which you can edit (it only takes effect on that one page and it doesn't update when Template:templatename is changed.

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