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This page is for requesting to join PokePower. You must qualify to be able to join or your membership request will be removed. Simply add and fill out the {{PokePowerMembership}} template to the page. Then members will change the number in the yea or nay column for their vote. Please do not vote for yourself, only initiated members should vote. The applicant's membership will be decided if they have at least three* votes in either yea or nay. If the request is denied, the applicant can reapply in 20 days.

Last editor Archives
Lordranged7 1
Rules for membership How to use the template
  • You must have 500+ edits.
  • You can't be a sockpuppet account.
  • You must be active on this wiki for at least one month.
|Username = <username>
|Reason = <reason>
|yea = <0>
|nay = <0>
|Status = <Under vote>}}

User Name Reason for membership Yea Nay Status
CaptainSteveDerp I have been a member of Pokémon Wikia since September 23, 2014 and made this account after seeing the number of information missing on this wiki. Ever since I joined, I have been an active member, made 1000+ edits, contributing in many types of categories. (Manga, Anime, Characters, Sprites, and such). I believe I can be a member of Poképower to make my edits better and answer people who needs assistance (I like helping people). <1> <0> <Under vote>

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