The Pokémon Encyclopedia is a web-based encyclopedia of content regarding Pokémon the game, the Pokémon characters and world, and the wiki itself.

Being a wiki means that most of the Pokémon Encyclopedia's pages are editable by anyone at anytime...including you, right now.

  • Hosting

The Pokémon Encyclopedia is hosted, for free, by Wikia. Wikia is a for-profit wiki-hosting company that will provide wikis to any project they believe will attract enough editors. They make money by placing advertisements to the right of the page, as well as by providing a Google search box which displays ads when accessed.

  • Licensing

All content on the Pokémon Encyclopedia is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. This means that by contributing to the Pokémon Encyclopedia, you agree to license your contributions under the GNU Free Documentation License. Do not copy content from non-GNU sources such as Bulbapedia.

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