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Pokémon Tech
(ポケモンゼミ Pokémon Seminar)
Region: Kanto
Debut: The School of Hard Knocks

Pokémon Tech is an exclusive trainers school where trainers learn everything there is to know about Pokémon. This was the setting for "The School of Hard Knocks."

There are three types of student categories: beginner, intermediate and advance. Beginner students are as good as anyone with two Pokémon Gym Badges, the intermediate class are good as someone with four, and advanced are as good as someone with six. When a student graduates, he is allowed to enter the Pokémon League without having to get all the badges. The classes are incredibly hard but students can't leave without getting a diploma. Sometimes students are held back for many years. The faculty does not know about the teaching methods used by the students, or if they do they pretend not to.

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