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Pokemon Showcase as shown in the anime.

The Pokémon Showcase is a Pokémon competition that is only held in the Kalos region. This competition is where Pokémon Performers go to train their Pokémon and show off their talents in front of audiences.


Pokémon Performers must be female in order to participate. Performers must first go pass the Theme Performance where 3 performers are sent out at a time and at the end voted by the audience with their glow sticks that correspond with the Performers' key that they thought was the best in order to move on to the Free Performance after the free performances are over the 6 performers in the finals for a city showcase or 5 performers in the finals for a town showcase have finished their performances the audience gets to vote for the one who will get the Princess Key for that showcase. Every performer needs to achieve 3 princess keys to go to the Master Class and whoever wins in the that Showcase will be crowned Kalos Queen.


  • The Theme Performances include Pokémon Styling, making Poké Puffs, answering a Pokémon Quiz, Performing with Props and more, depending on the specific Showcase tournament.
  • The Free Performances are when you Perform a Performance that shows the bond and uniqueness of both the Performer and Pokemon.

Showcase Locations


Pokémon Showcases are very similar to Pokémon Contests by showing off a Pokémon's talent.


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