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Pokemon reburst

The official photo for Pokémon Reburst.

Pokémon Reburst, or Pocket Monsters Réburst, is a manga about a boy named Ryouga who goes against anything impossible. Ryouga has the power to fuse or transform into a Pokémon, a power known as "Burst". His burst power fuses him with the Legendary Pokémon Zekrom. People with the "Burst" power are called "Burst Warriors". Burst Warriors have a crystal known as the "Burst Heart". The Burst Heart contains the pokemon that the Burst Warriors fuse with.


  • Artist: Tamura Mitsuhisa
  • Author: Kusude Jun

Burst Warriors

  • Ryouga - Zekrom
  • Hilgreitz - Excadrill
  • Rug - Purrloin
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