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Pokemon Pikachu 2

This is the Pokemon Pikachu 2 handheld device.

The Pokémon Pikachu 2 (Pocket Pikachu Color in Japan) was the second U.S. released Pokemon themed virtual pet from Nintendo, and the follow up to the original Pokemon Pikachu device. Players walk around gathering Watts that can be used to care for Pikachu, gain favor with him, or trade items to Generation III handheld games. Pikachu is cared for like a virtual pet with feeding and constant attention. Shaking the Pokemon Pikachu 2 while it is active will tick Pikachu off and he/she will start to ignore the player.

The system has five buttons which are located on the front under the screen and are labeled A,B, Start, Select, and a D-Pad for controlling selections. Watts collected by walking with the device can be used to buy in game items for pikachu or be traded to other Pokemon Pikachu 2 Devices. Similar to the Poke walker watts can also be used to gain items through the infrared Mystery Gift feature in Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal. In Japan a second version of this device was released, dubbed the "Pocket Pikachu Color: With Gold and Silver!". It had all the same features as the U.S. and original Japanese release but came in a gold, silver, blue, clear blue or clear casing. in Europe this device was released as the Pokemon Pikachu Color and lacked Generation III conectivity.

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Pokemon Pikachu Marketing

the connectivity options for the Pokemon Pikachu 2

Pokemon Pikachu 2

display box for the Pokemon Pikachu 2 pedometer.

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