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Pokemon Pikachu
This is the Pokémon Pikachu handheld device
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The Pokémon Pikachu (Pocket Pikachu in Japan) is a device similar to a Poke Walker that has a built in pedometer. Players walk around gathering Watts that can be used to care for Pikachu, gain favor with it, or trade to other Pokémon Pikachu systems for items. Pikachu is cared for like a virtual pet with feeding and constant attention. Shaking the Pokémon Pikachu while it is active will tick Pikachu off and he/she will grow angry. The system has five buttons which are located on the front under the screen and are labeled A,B, Start, Select, and a D-Pad for controlling selections. A second version was released in the U.S. called the Pokémon Pikachu 2.


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