Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red & Blue Team Base

Team base

Redecorated team base if you started as a Squirtle.

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue Rescue Team, the Team Base is the house where you have your bed and mailbox. Later in the game you get your team base renovated by a team of Mankey in exchange for peeled chestnuts. The appearance of the renovated Team Base changes depending on what Pokémon you started the game as. When you are at your Team Base it shows your location as (Rescue team's name) Team Base. From your Team Base you can access Friend Areas, Dungeons, and Pokemon Square.

Team Base Bed and Mailbox

Your bed is where you can save your game at any time before you enter a dungeon. It is also where you wake up every morning after having adventured in a dungeon. The mailbox is where you receive your mail. Mail can consist of either Pokénews or rescue requests. From your mailbox you can organize your missions, accept or decline rescue requests as well as read and store Pokénews. You have to take the old mail out of you will not receive anymore.

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