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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blazing Exploration Team is a manga series by Makoto Mizobuchi, based off Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. The series is consisted of one volume, containing six chapters.


A Chimchar named Honō wakes up on a beach and is found by the cowardly Totodile, who failed to join the local Wigglytuff Guild. Totodile's treasure gets stolen, so Honō joins Totodile to retrieve it and soon they join the Wigglytuff Guild. Soon enough, they are sent on a mission to stop Grovyle, who is stealing the Time Gears, which leave an area, where time does not flow. After capturing Grovyle, Honō and Totodile are being pushed by a Dusknoir, into the dark future. Chimchar, Totodile and Grovyle the thief have to work together to stop the dark future, created by Dialga, but have to be alert on its servant, Dusknoir, who will not let them change the history.



# Ch Code Title Image
001 BET001 The Birth of Team Flame!

002 BET002 Take Back the Time Gears!!

003 BET003 The Shocking Dark Future!

004 BET004 Partners Reunited Once More

005 BET005 Aim for the Hidden Land

006 BET006 The Final Battle for the Fate of the World!!

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