Pokemon Mini

The Pokémon Mini handheld device with a few of its games

Pokémon Mini is to date the smallest multi-cartridge handheld console produced by Nintendo. The system saw release in America before Japan, with American audiences having four games released on November 16, 2001. Japan had ten games in total, with releases starting on December 4, 2001 and ending on October 18, 2002. The system was also released in the U.K. on March 14, 2002 with five games. The Nintendo World Store sold the system in America in three colors known as Wooper Blue, Chikorita Green and Smoochum Purple. Each Pokémon Mini unit came packaged with the game Pokémon Party Mini.

The Pokémon Mini has many interesting functions including an internal clock, infrared multi-player gaming, an accellerometer, and a vibrating function. The system itself has six buttons, an A, B, and C (located on the top right side), a power button, a D-Pad for navigation, and a Lock Switch on the back to keep cartridges in place.The Pokémon Mini came with a special carrying case and Pokémon charm of the system color's namesake

Included in the Gamecube game Pokémon Channel is an in-game Pokémon Mini found under Pikachu's bed. Most of the games found therein are from the systems existing library, though there is one new game named Snorlax's Lunchtime.
Pokemon Mini Case

This is the official case released with the Pokémon Mini device.

Pokémon Mini Cartridges and Original Release Dates

  • Pokémon Party Mini - Nov 16, 2001 (U.S.A, Japan, U.K.)
  • Pokémon Zany Cards - Nov 16, 2001 (U.S.A, Japan, U.K.)
  • Pokémon Pinball Mini - Nov 16, 2001 (U.S.A, Japan, U.K.)
  • Pokémon Puzzle Collection - Nov 16, 2001 (U.S.A, Japan, U.K.)
  • Pokémon Tetris Mini - Mar 14, 2002 (U.K., Japan)
  • Pokémon Breeder - Mar 21, 2002 (Japan)
  • Pokémon Puzzle Collection Vol. 2 - Apr 26, 2002 (Japan)
  • Pokémon Race Mini - July 19, 2002 (Japan)
  • Pichu Bros. Mini - Aug 9, 2002 (Japan)
  • Togepi's Adventure - Oct 18, 2002 (Japan)

Sub Games Within Cartridges

  • Pokémon Party Mini - Pikachu's Rocket Start, Slowkings Judge, Chansey's Dribble, Bellossom's Dance, Hitmonschan's Boxing, Sneasle's Fake-Out, Battlefield (Multiplayer Option), Celebi's Clock.
  • Pokémon Pinball Mini - Time Attack, Score Attack.
  • Pokémon Puzzle Collection - Shadow Puzzle, Motion Puzzle, Rescue Puzzle, Power On[.
  • Pokémon Breeder Mini - Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip.
  • Pokémon Puzzle Collection Vol. 2 - more than 80 Pokémon themed puzzles.
  • Pichu Bros. Mini - Cubone Catch, Pichu Bros. Skateboard, Fruit to Fall, Hoppips Jump Match, Smoochums Kiss, and an untranslated multiplayer game.

Pokémon Channel (Gamecube) - Lunchtime (Snorlax's Lunchtime in Japan)


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