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Pokémon Master is a position that many Pokémon Trainers want to achieve. However, it has never been properly told what a Pokémon Master is and how to achieve such a position of power. There are many theories which try to reveal the mysteries of a Pokémon Master and answer the many questions that can explain the title of a Pokémon Master.


  • Many believe that a Pokémon Master is a Pokémon Trainer who has captured all Pokémon.
    • However, this would be practically impossible for any Pokémon Trainer to achieve in reality. Not only will a Pokémon Trainer have to capture all the Pokémon (which is already a difficult task), he/she will have to feed food and exercise all the Pokémon everyday, which is completely impossible.
  • Many believe that a Pokémon Master is a Pokémon Trainer who have defeated all Gym Leaders and obtained all the Gym Badges.
  • Another theory that many believe is that in order to become a Pokémon Master is to defeat the Elite Four and become the Champion.
  • A Pokémon Master is a trainer who can never be defeated.
  • Ash Ketchum once mentioned that a trainer needed to capture at least one of every type of pokemon (ie-fire, ice, dragon etc...). It is assumed that this excludes Mythic, Legendary, and Extinct types.
  • According to The Official Pokémon Handbook, a Pokémon Trainer would deserve the position of Pokémon Master by either capturing or defeating Mewtwo.
    • In the anime and manga, this would be practically impossible to achieve.
  • In the Electric Tales of Pikachu manga, a Pokémon Master is simply a trainer who is a professional in Pokémon battling, takes part in many Pokémon tournaments and is well known.
  • Some believe that one can become a Pokémon Master after defeating the Elite Four and Battle Frontier of every region.
  • It is also possible that one must win all league tournaments, capture as many pokemon as possible along with large amount of knowledge of them and become unbeatable to become an Pokémon Master.


  • This is Ash Ketchum's main goal as a Pokémon trainer, although it is unknown how close he is to reaching it.

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