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(List of Pokemon (Pokemon Replaced))
(List of Pokemon (Pokemon Replaced))
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# [[Blitzle]] ([[Pikachu]])
# [[Blitzle]] ([[Pikachu]])
# [[Zebstrika]] ([[Raichu]])
# [[Zebstrika]] ([[Raichu]])
# [[Petilil]] ([[Nidoqueen]]) (Furthmore, A male version of this Pokemon exists in game)
# [[Petilil]] ([[Nidoqueen]]) (Furthermore, a male version of this Pokémon exists in game.)
# [[Lilligant]] ([[Nidoran♂]]
# [[Lilligant]] ([[Nidoran♂]])
# [[Zorua]] ([[Venonat]])
# [[Zorua]] ([[Venonat]])
# [[Zoroark]] ([[Venomoth]])
# [[Zoroark]] ([[Venomoth]])

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MadnesscrazyAdded by Madnesscrazy
Pokemon Manly Pink
is a Fire Red hack which replaces Generation 1 Pokemon with Generation 5 Pokemon, also adding in certain story elements, such as N appearing at the end of Viridian Forest and Bianca (Named Belle in-game) appearing halfway though Route 3. It's unknown who it's made by. This hack is presumibly made before the english version of Black and White were released as the Pokemon have their Japanese Names instead with the execptions of Zorua, Zoroark and Munna. The Pokemon movesets has been set to moveset presumed by the creator if they existed in Generation 3.

List of Pokemon (Pokemon Replaced)

  1. Snivy (Bulbasaur)
  2. Servine (Ivysaur)
  3. Serperior (Venusaur)
  4. Tepig (Charmander)
  5. Pignite (Charmeleon)
  6. Emboar (Charizard)
  7. Oshawott (Squirtle)
  8. Dewott (Wartortle)
  9. Samurott (Blastoise)
  10. Pidove (Pidgey)
  11. Tranquill (Pidgeotto)
  12. Unfezant (Pidgeot)
  13. Patrat (Rattata)
  14. Watchog (Raticate)
  15. Lillipup (Spearow)
  16. Herdier (Fearow)
  17. Stoutland (Ekans)
  18. Blitzle (Pikachu)
  19. Zebstrika (Raichu)
  20. Petilil (Nidoqueen) (Furthermore, a male version of this Pokémon exists in game.)
  21. Lilligant (Nidoran♂)
  22. Zorua (Venonat)
  23. Zoroark (Venomoth)
  24. Purrloin (Meowth)
  25. Liepard (Persian)

133. Axew (Eevee)

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