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!class="darkBg1" | Black
!class="darkBg1" | Black
!class="darkBg1" | White
!class="darkBg1" | White
!class="darkBg1" | Perfect
| [[File:Kyurem-Normal BW.gif]]
| [[File:Kyurem-Normal BW.gif]]

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Pokémon Forms are variations between individual Pokémon, these variations may be different in types, ability, stats, or learnsets sometimes forms are purely aesthetic. Pokémon Forms are first introduced in Generation II with Unown but purely aesthetic. In Generation III some Pokémon forms begin to bear differences in types, ability, stats, or learnsets with Castform (weathers effecting its typing) and Deoxys (stats and learnsets variations among forms however Deoxys' forms are version locked until Generation IV).

Pokémon Forms


Normal Armored (M2 Bind) Clefairy DNA Awakened
150Mewtwo Armor mewtwo Clefairy mewtwo 150px


All of Unown's forms
Unknown Forms


Normal Sunny Form Rainy Form Snowy Form
File:Castform-Normal BW.gif Castform-Sunny BW Castform-Rainy BW Castform-Snowy BW


Normal Form Attack Form Defense Form Speed Form
File:Deoxys-Normal-Forme BW.gif Deoxys-Attack-Forme BW Deoxys-Defense-Forme BW Deoxys-Speed-Forme BW


Normal Shadow
249Lugia Shadow lugia


Normal Virus
383Groudon 240px

Burmy and Wormadam

Plant Cloak Sandy Cloak Trasth Cloak
File:Burmy-Plant-Cloak BW.gif Burmy-Sandy-Cloak BW Burmy-Trash-Cloak BW
Plant Cloak Sandy Cloak Trasth Cloak
File:Wormadam-Plant-Cloak BW.gif Wormadam-Sandy-Cloak BW Wormadam-Trash-Cloak BW


Overcast Form Sunshine Form
File:Cherrim-Overcast BW.gif Cherrim-Sunshine BW

Shellos and Gastrodon

West Sea East Sea
Shellos-West-Sea BW Shellos-East-Sea BW
West Sea East Sea
Gastrodon-West-Sea BW Gastrodon-East-Sea BW


Normal Heat Rotom Wash Rotom Frost Rotom Fan Rotom Mow Rotom
File:Rotom-Normal BW.gif Rotom-Heat BW Rotom-Wash BW Rotom-Frost BW Rotom-Fan BW Rotom-Mow BW


Normal Primal
483Dialga Primaldialgaart


Altered Form Origin Form
File:Giratina-Altered-Forme BW.gif Giratina-Origin-Forme BW


Land Form Sky Form
Shaymin-Land-Forme BW Shaymin-Sky-Forme BW

Pichu (HeartGold and SoulSilver)

Normal Spiky-eared
HGSS 172 front HGSS 172-Spiky-eared front


Red-Striped Blue-Striped
Basculin-Red-Striped BW Basculin-Blue-Striped BW


Standard Mode Zen Mode
File:Darmanitan-Standard-Mode BW.gif Darmanitan-Zen-Mode BW

Deerling and Sawsbuck

Summer Autumn Winter Spring
Deerling-Summer BW Deerling-Autumn BW Deerling-Winter BW Deerling-Spring BW
Summer Autumn Winter Spring
Sawsbuck-Summer BW Sawsbuck-Autumn BW Sawsbuck-Winter BW Sawsbuck-Spring BW

Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus

Incarnate Form Incarnate Form Incarnate Form
File:Tornadus-Incarnate-Forme BW.gif File:Thundurus-Incarnate-Forme BW.gif File:Landorus-Incarnate-Forme BW.gif
Therian Form Therian Form Therian Form
Tornadus-Therian-Forme BW Thundurus-Therian-Forme BW Landorus-Therian-Forme BW


Normal Giant
491Darkrai Darkraipokepark


Normal Black White Perfect
File:Kyurem-Normal BW.gif Kyurem-Black BW Kyurem-White BW


Usual Forme Resolution Forme
Keldeo-Usual-Forme BW Keldeo-Resolution-Forme BW


Aria Form Pirouette Form
Meloetta-Aria-Forme BW Meloetta-Pirouette-Forme BW


Normal Form High-Speed Flight Form
649Genesect High speed flight form


Several Pokémon have displayed fusions in the Pokémon series.

Venusaur and Blastoise

Normal Venustoise
200px Venustoise

Rayquaza and Mismagius

Normal Ghost Rayquaza
200px 220px

Dialga and Palkia

Normal Dialkia
Dialga palkia Dialkia

Legendary Birds

Normal Zapmolcuno
Legendary Birds2 230px


Pseudo-forms are not official Pokémon Forms but rather variants changes that are purely aesthetic or it can change effect typing and attack's typing. There are currently two Pokémon with Pseudo-forms: Arceus and Genesect.


Arceus has seventeen different type variatons, which correspend to the seventeen different types. Arceus's transformation between these forms is brought about by its held item: if it is holding a Plate, it draws its type from that Plate as stated in Sinnoh's mythology, while remaining Normal-type when not holding a Plate. In the Generation IV games, there is dummy data and a sprite programmed for a ???-type Arceus, but it cannot be obtained as there is no ???-type Plate. This data no longer exists in Generation V due to the removal of the ??? type. While its base stats remain constant despite its changing type, its Pokéathlon performance changes slightly. Additionally, it can learn Draco Meteor only while holding the Draco Plate.


In the games, the Drive on Genesect's back is visibly depicted on its sprite depending on which Drive it holds. However, this does not change Genesect's type, but rather the type of the move Techno Blast. If it lacks a Drive, it will be Normal-type and show a dark yellow Drive connected to it. The four Drives that can be equipped are the Shock, Burn, Chill, and Douse Drive, which make Techno Blast Electric, Fire, Ice, and Water-type, respectively. Otherwise, the change is purely cosmetic.

Gender differences

These variations are purely aesthetic between the Pokémon gender and they are not classify as forms (with the exception of Nidoran♀ and Nidoran♂ groups which are two different species of Pokémon).

Shiny Pokémon

Shiny Pokémon are colored in a different coloration than it normal usual colors also Shiny Pokémon colorations are purely aesthetic however these Pokémon's summary does have a special icon indicating its special coloration status.

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