Pokémon Forms are variations between individual Pokémon, these variations may be different in types, ability, stats, or learnsets sometimes forms are purely aesthetic. Pokémon Forms are first introduced in Generation II with Unown but purely aesthetic. In Generation III some Pokémon forms begin to bear differences in types, ability, stats, or learnsets with Castform (weathers effecting its typing) and Deoxys (stats and learnsets variations among forms however Deoxys' forms are version locked until Generation IV).

Pokémon Forms

Formes by Ability

Any Pokémon that transforms by ability needs to meet a certain prerequisite in accordance of random, possible and even the indirect outcome.

List of Pokémon that transform by Ability
Name/Standard Forme Type Ability Forme Forme Type
Castform 351 Type Normal Forecast Sunny 351B Type Fire
Rainy 351C Type Water
Snowy 351D Type Ice
Cherrim (Downcast) 421 Type Grass Flower Gift Sunshine 421B Type Grass
Arceus 493 Type Normal Multitype
Fire Type Fire
Water Type Water
Grass Type Grass
Electric Type Electric
Ice Type Ice
Fighting Type Fighting
Poison Type Poison
Ground Type Ground
Flying Type Flying
Psychic Type Psychic
Bug Type Bug
Rock Type Rock
Ghost Type Ghost
Dragon Type Dragon
Dark Type Dark
Steel Type Steel
Fairy Type Fairy
Darmanitan 555 Type Fire Zen Mode Zen Mode 555A Type FireType Psychic

Aegislash (Shield) 681

Type SteelType Ghost Stance Change Blade 681B Type SteelType Ghost

Zygarde (10%)718T

Type DragonType Ground Power Construct Complete718C Type DragonType Ground

Formes by Items

List of Pokémon that transform by Item
Name/Standard Forme Type Item Forme Forme Type
Giratina (Altered) 487 Type GhostType Dragon Griseous Orb


Origin 487B Type GhostType Dragon
Shaymin (Land) 492 Type Grass Gracidea Flower

Gracidea (key)

Sky 492B Type GrassType Flying
Tornadus (Incarnate) 641 Type Flying Reveal Glass


Therian 641A Type Flying
Thundurus (Incarnate) 642 Type ElectricType Flying Reveal Glass


Therian 642A Type ElectricType Flying
Landorus (Incarnate) 645 Type GroundType Flying Reveal Glass


Therian 645A Type GroundType Flying

Kyurem 646

Type DragonType Ice DNA Splicers


Black Kyurem 646A Type DragonType Ice
White Kyurem 646B Type DragonType Ice

Miscellaneous Formes

There are some Pokémon that transform through different means rather than by ability or item.

List of Pokémon that transform by different conditions
Name/Standard Forme Type Conditions Formes Forme Type
Deoxys 386 Type Psychic Meteorites: Veilstone City
Kanto Route 3
Nacrene Museum
Attack 386B Type Psychic
Defense 386C Type Psychic
Speed 386D Type Psychic
Rotom 479 Type ElectricType Ghost Appliances: Galactic Eterna Building
Shopping Mall Nine
Sycamore Lab
Normal 479 Type ElectricType Ghost
Heat 479B Type ElectricType Fire
Wash 479C Type ElectricType Water
Frost 479D Type ElectricType Ice
Fan 479E Type ElectricType Flying
Mow 479F Type ElectricType Grass
Deerling 585 Type NormalType Grass Seasons Spring 585 Type NormalType Grass
Summer 585A Type NormalType Grass
Autumn 585B Type NormalType Grass
Winter 585C Type NormalType Grass
Sawsbuck 586 Type NormalType Grass Seasons Spring 586 Type NormalType Grass
Summer 586A Type NormalType Grass
Autumn 586B Type NormalType Grass
Winter 586C Type NormalType Grass
Keldeo (Ordinary) 647 Type WaterType Fighting Learn Secret Sword (Secret Sword must be forgotten to change back) Resolute 647A Type WaterType Fighting
Meloetta (Aria) 648 Type NormalType Psychic Learn Relic Song and use it in battle Pirouette 648A Type NormalType Fighting
Furfrou (Natural) 676 Type Normal Frieser Furfrou Heart Trim Type Normal
Star Trim Type Normal
Diamond Trim Type Normal
Deputante Trim Type Normal
Matron Trim Type Normal
Dandy Trim Type Normal
La Reine Trim Type Normal
Kabuki Trim Type Normal
Pharaoh Trim Type Normal
Xerneas (Active) 716 Type Fairy Must be outside of battle; the Neutral Forme is not accessible in battle Neutral Type Fairy

Alternate Formes

Some Pokémon have different appearances and or typings than those of the same species, mostly due to location.

List of Pokémon with Alternate Formes
Name Formes Type
Rattata Normal 019 Type Normal
Alolan019A Type Dark
Raticate Normal 020 Type Normal
Alolan020A Type Dark
Sandshrew Normal 027 Type Ground
Alolan027A Type IceType Steel
Sandslash Normal 028 Type Ground
Alolan028A Type IceType Steel
Vulpix Normal 037 Type Fire
Alolan037A Type IceType Fairy
Ninetales Normal 038 Type Fire
Alolan038A Type IceType Fairy
Exeggutor Normal 103 Type GrassType Psychic
Alolan103A Type GrassType Dragon
Unown 201201B201C201D201E201F201G201H201I201J201K201L201M201N


Type Psychic
Burmy Plant 412 Type Bug
Sandy 412B Type Bug
Trashy 412C Type Bug
Wormadam Plant 413 Type BugType Grass
Sandy 413B Type BugType Ground
Trashy 413C Type BugType Steel
Shellos West 422A Type Water
East 422B Type Water
Gastrodon West 423A Type WaterType Ground
East 423B Type WaterType Ground
Basculin Red stripe 550 Type Water
Blue stripe 550B Type Water
Vivillon Meadow Pattern 666 Type BugType Flying
Polar Pattern Type BugType Flying
Tundra Pattern Type BugType Flying
Continental Pattern Type BugType Flying
Garden Pattern Type BugType Flying
Elegant Pattern Type BugType Flying
Icy Snow Pattern Type BugType Flying
Modern Pattern Type BugType Flying
Marine Pattern Type BugType Flying
Archipelago Pattern Type BugType Flying
High Plains Pattern Type BugType Flying
Sandstorm Pattern Type BugType Flying
River Pattern Type BugType Flying
Monsoon Pattern Type BugType Flying
Savanna Pattern Type BugType Flying
Sun Pattern Type BugType Flying
Ocean Pattern Type BugType Flying
Jungle Pattern Type BugType Flying
Flabébé Red Flower 669 Type Fairy
Yellow Flower Type Fairy
Orange Flower Type Fairy
Blue Flower Type Fairy
White Flower Type Fairy
Floette Red Flower 670 Type Fairy
Yellow Flower Type Fairy
Orange Flower Type Fairy
Blue Flower Type Fairy
White Flower Type Fairy
Florges Red Flower 671 Type Fairy
Yellow Flower Type Fairy
Orange Flower Type Fairy
Blue Flower Type Fairy
White Flower Type Fairy
Pumpkaboo 710 Small Type GhostType Grass
Average Type GhostType Grass
Large Type GhostType Grass
Super Type GhostType Grass
Gourgeist 711 Small Type GhostType Grass
Average Type GhostType Grass
Large Type GhostType Grass
Super Type GhostType Grass
Oricorio Baile741 Type FireType Flying
Pom Pom741Po Type ElectricType Flying
Pa'u741Pa Type PsychicType Flying
Sensu741Se Type GhostType Flying

Forms in Other Media

These are forms that appear outside the main series.

Legendary Birds

Normal Zapmolcuno
Legendary Birds2


Normal Armored (M2 Bind) Clefairy DNA
150Mewtwo Armor mewtwo Clefairy mewtwo


Normal Shadow
249Lugia Shadow lugia


Normal Monster Celebi
251Celebi Monster scyther celebi

Dialga and Palkia

Normal Dialkia
Dialga palkia Dialkia


Normal Giant
491Darkrai Darkraipokepark


Normal Form High-Speed Flight Form
649Genesect 649Genesect BW anime 3