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Cilan cooking Pokemon Food

Cilan cooking Pokémon Food.

Pokémon Food is a term used to describe the special kinds of food made exclusively for Pokémon. It was introduced in the Pokémon Anime, as a possible explanation for the main source of a Pokémon's diet (before the introduction of Berries). Pokémon Food is produced in the form dry food pellets similar to that of dry pet food. It is made made from a variety of ingredients, including Berries to meet a Pokémon's dietary requirements. Pokémon Breeders often specialize in making food that is both healthy and tasty for their Pokémon.

Despite being made for Pokémon, some individuals, namely Pokémon Trainers & Pokémon Breeders are able to consume Pokémon Food pellets in order to evaluate the taste and texture with no ill effects. Brock of Pewter City has a renowned talent of cooking & creating various Pokémon Food blends for his Pokémon. Pokémon Foods also come in the form of various baked creations such as PokéBlocks and Poffins. These items can be made by the Trainer through the use of mixing Berries, in order to increase the varying conditions of their Pokémon.

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