Pokémon Fashion Flash (ロコン!ブリーダーたいけつ! Rokon! Breeder Showdown! ) is the 28th episode of Pokémon: Indigo League.


At the Scissor Street, Brock leads Ash and Misty to a store where his idol, a breeder named Suzie, works. Though Misty goes after her idea to improve her Psyduck's appearance, Brock and Ash believe a Pokémon should improve its inner strength first and decide to work for Suzie to get more customers for her. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are making ridiculous changes to the Pokémon, all for getting more cash...

Episode Plot

Ash, Misty, and Brock continue their travels and come to Scissor Street which is known as Breeder's Lane. Brock explains that the street is well known for its many salons and beauty parlors for Pokémon. Misty and Ash look at a poster outside one of the salons and it has a Koffing and an Ekans wearing many accessories. Debating whether or not to try to enter the Salon Roquet, as there are customers in the salon, they are interrupted by Brock, who has found the place he was looking for. Ash and Misty follow him to a store that's nearly empty and Brock suddenly becomes very nervous. Ash and Misty enter the store first and they are greeted by a woman's voice. Hearing the voice, Brock gets over his nervousness, and follows Ash and Misty into the store.

They meet a Pokémon Breeder named Suzie, who is massaging a Chansey. Misty notices a Vulpix sleeping on a chair. She walks over to it, picks it up, and gives a big hug, saying how cute it is. Vulpix is mad that Misty woke it up from its nap and burns her face with a Flamethrower attack.

Brock, who has been very quiet until now, blurts out that he would like to become Suzie's pupil. Everyone is shocked, especially Suzie. Brock explains that Suzie is a famous breeder and is his idol.

Later, Suzie serves Ash and his friends some tea and Brock gives Pikachu some food to eat. Suzie admires Pikachu's shiny coat and asks Brock if he made Pikachu's food. Brock says he did and Misty says its his own recipe. Vulpix walks over to Pikachu and sniffs at the bowl of Pokémon food Pikachu is eating. Pikachu offers some of it to Vulpix and it accepts it. This surprises Suzie, who explains that Vulpix usually only eats food that Suzie made herself.

Misty mentions the flashily dressed Pokémon they saw at Salon Roquet. Suzie sighs and explains that ever since Salon Roquet opened up, people have stopped coming to Suzie's salon and have been focusing on making their Pokémon look good, not making their Pokémon happy. Ash says that looking flashy is stupid and Misty says that even Pokémon like to dress up every once in a while. They start fighting over if it is more important to make your Pokémon happy or to make them look good. Ash jokingly suggests that if Misty thinks fashion is so important, she should take Psyduck to Salon Roquet. Misty thinks its a great idea and takes Psyduck over to Salon Roquet at once, a move that Ash just laughs at and thinks will not work out.

After Misty leaves, Suzie doubts her ways, but Ash and Brock quickly tell her that she is doing the right thing. Brock suggests a way for Suzie to compete with Salon Roquet: combine style and substance. Soon, Suzie gives a lecture outside her store on Pokémon Breeding. She explains that after a Pokémon is hurt in battle, its trainer should give it a therapeutic massage, which she demonstrates on Pikachu. As Brock planned, the lecture draws away the crowd from the Salon Roquet. As Suzie, Ash, and Brock explain how important it is to take care of your Pokémon, many of the people begin to doubt if they made a good choice by spending their money at Salon Roquet.

Meanwhile, at Salon Roquet, Jessie tells Meowth to send in the next customer. Meowth says he and James are too busy counting the money they have made. He then notices that Misty is the only customer left. Team Rocket drags her in for a makeover while she protests that Psyduck was the one that needed a makeover, but she loves the bright and flashy costumes they put her in and she asks Jessie and James to continue.

Meowth mentions how they may be able to kidnap Pikachu now and Misty realizes who the Salon Roquet stylists are. Misty yells that she will never tell Team Rocket anything, but James threatens to paint her face like Frankenstein if she doesn't. Misty notices that Psyduck has gone missing and she yells for Psyduck. Psyduck, it turns out, has gone back to Suzie's Salon, where it goes into a panic. Pikachu manages to translate that Misty is in trouble. Ash, Suzie, Brock, Pikachu, and Psyduck hurry to Salon Roquet where they find Team Rocket painting Misty to make her look like a clown.

They are shocked when they see what Team Rocket has done to Misty. Team Rocket says they are doing important beauty research on her. Meowth, accidentally lets slips that they are trying to get information about Pikachu out of her.

Team Rocket offers a trade: Misty for Pikachu. Ash refuses and challenges them to a battle. Team Rocket pushes a button on a microphone and reveals their newest invention, The Salon Roquet Battling Stage. To start the battle, Jessie and James send out Ekans and Koffing, still in their crazy costumes. Ash sends out Pikachu and Brock sends out Geodude. Brock tells Geodude to use Seismic Toss and Geodude picks up Ekans, throws him into the air, and throws him back down into the ground. Ekans turns the momentum into a spinning attack and rams into Pikachu. Ash tells Pikachu to use ThunderShock, but Ekans and Koffing's outfits block the attack. James orders Koffing to give Pikachu and Geodude a Sludge makeover, which blinds Pikachu and Geodude. As Ekans and Koffing are about to end the battle, they trip over their costumes and get all tangled up. Meowth tries to help them, but he gets tangled up too. Suzie says if you focus on only outer beauty, strength will be lost. She tells Vulpix to use Fire Spin, which sends Team Rocket blasting off, their costumes all charred and burnt from the Fire Spin.

Seeing that inner beauty is stronger than outer beauty, the crowd starts pulling off their Pokémon's flashy costumes and wiping off the makeup.

Back at Suzie's salon, Suzie thanks Ash and his friends for helping her regain her confidence. She plans to leave her salon for a while and go on a journey to discover what it really means to be a Pokémon breeder. She also says Brock is the first person besides Suzie that Vulpix has trusted, and asks Brock to take care of Vulpix for a while. Brock accepts and receives Vulpix. Meanwhile, Misty still has her clownish makeup on, and Ash has to do his best in not laughing just from looking at her. It seems he did get the last laugh in the end.

Soon, Ash and his friends are on their journey again and they wave good-bye to Suzie. Team Rocket runs past them, being chased by an angry mob of their former customers.






Fire Spin


  • Meowth's Song replaced One Hundred Fifty-One as the ending.
    • Interestingly enough, Rachael Lillis, the voice of Jessie, also voiced Utena, the main protagonist of "Revolutionary Girl Utena" who dresses in men's clothes.
  • This episode marks the first time a variation of the Team Rocket's motto was used.
  • According to the third book of the "Kids Pocket Books Pocket Monsters" series, the Chansey Trainer in this episode is a homosexual.
  • This could be the first example of Pokémon Contests (most commonly resembling Super Contests in Sinnoh), as Team Rockets's Ekans and Koffing dress up (Visual), and do movements (Dance) before an attack (Acting). However, this is not confirmed.
  • The "Who's that Pokémon?" in this episode is Vulpix.


  • When Misty yells for Psyduck, her head overlaps James' arm. James also doesn't have his gloves on in this scene.
  • In the English Dub, when Ekans and Koffing spin their dresses to deflect Pikachu's Thunderbolt, Ekans' Japanese voice, Arbo, can be heard.


"What is it?" - Ash
"Vulpix, a Fox Pokémon. Its six tails are extremely beautiful. As it evolves, it grows even more tails." - Dexter
"I love its hair. I wish I have hair like Vulpix that looked so shiny and soft." - Misty
"Don't touch it!" - Suzie
"You're just about the cutest little Pokémon I've ever se-" - Misty
"Vuuul!" - Vulpix
"Very cute... ah!" - Misty
"Hmm." - Ash
"Vulpix uses powerful flame attacks." - Dexter
"Duh." - Ash
"Please pardon Vulpix. It doesn't like to be picked up or hugged by strangers." - Suzie
"Wished I'd known that sooner." - Misty
"Uhh, Suzie?" - Brock
"Yes? - Suzie
"Uh, My name's Brock. Nice to meet you, Suzie. Uh, I want to breed like you. I, I mean, I wanna be a breeder like you." - Brock
"It's very nice to meet you Brock. I'm flattered you want to make me your model." - Suzie
"Yes, I wanna model you. I mean, I'm flattered that you're flattered. I mean, your Vulpix is nice." - Brock
"Uh." - Ash
"Huh?" - Misty
"What I'm really trying to say is, Suzie, I'm begging you to accept me as your pupil!" - Brock
[Ash, Misty, and Suzie gasped]
"Pika!" - Pikachu
"You got to be kidding, Brock." - Ash
"Mind your own business, Ash. I know what i'm doing. Please say yes Suzie." [groans] - Brock
"I don't have pupils, Brock. Breeding takes up all my time." - Suzie
"What makes her such a great breeder anyway?" - Ash
"Auuu. HOW DARE YOU! The sensational Suzie of Scissor's Street has been awarded the Trophy for Excellent at the World Pokémon Breeders Contest for three consecutive years. Wait, there's more. (Lights.) In addition to that, the readers of Pokémon Friends magazine named her The Most Popular Breeder four years running. And her hugely popular website records over 10,000 hits per day." - Brock
"Now that's what I call a great breeder." - Misty
"You'd better believe it." - Brock
"Okay Brock, we heard you clear and loud." - Ash
"I wonder if this Vulpix has won any awards in competition." - Misty
"That's an fabulous question Misty. Vulpix is the hottest supermodel of the Pokémon world. Notice the gorgeous flowing tails that have made Vulpix a champ. Plus-" - Brock
"We get the idea Brock! Vulpix is terrific too." - Ash
"Ever since it opens some trainers are trying to make their Pokémon as flashy as possible." - Suzie
"So that salon started the trend." - Brock
"A good breeder is always trying to bring out a Pokémon's inner strength and personality, but there's new fad is about standing out, not what's inside." - Suzie
"I don't like it either. It's pretty stupid to waste it time showing off." -Ash
"I never said the inside wasn't important, but the outside counts too!" - Misty
"The inside is what matters!" - Ash
"Outside, too!" - Misty
"Inside!" - Ash
"Outside, too!" - Misty
"Inside matters the most!" - Ash
"The outside matters, too!" - Misty
"Inside!"- Ash
"Shouldn't you try to stop them?" - Suzie
"That's like trying to stop the tide." - Brock
"If you think Fashions so great, how about taking your Psyduck to that salon?" - Ash
"Hey, what a great idea! Let's go Psyduck!" - Misty
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Now we'll see who gets the last QUACK!" - Ash
"Ha! Anyway, Psyduck and I are so cute, we'll look good whatever fashion we wear!" - Misty
"I'm sure Psyduck will." - Ash
"WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT FASHION?! Right Psyduck?" - Misty
"Psy-y-ya... Duck?" - Psyduck
"This might be more of a challenge than I thought it would be." - Misty
"Better get going!" - Ash
"HA! You'll be jealous when we get back from the salon and Psyduck turns out to be cuter than Pikachu. Come on Psyduck." - Misty
"Psy? Psyduck Psyduck Psyduck." - Psyduck
"I wonder if what's on the outside or what's inside that really counts in the end. Ever since that new salon opened, I've been wondering about my methods."- Suzie
"Don't say things like that! Suzie, you've got to keep following the path you believe in." - Brock
"We have to stick up for what's inside together. Right, Pikachu?" - Ash
"Pikachu." - Pikachu
"That's very kind. But how can we?" - Suzie
"If they want to put style over substance, we'll give customers substance with style." - Brock
"Forget about that makeover. She hangs around with that Pikachu! We got to grill the kid to figure out how to steal it." - Meowth
"Hey, wait! You're Meowth." - Misty
"We were trying to find out until you blew our cover!" - Jessie
"First you get the opponent to relax, then you pump them for info!" - James
I'll never tell you phonies anything! Ah!" - Misty
"So you figured out the truth. Well, you'd better tell us where Pikachu is if you don't want your face painted just like Frankenstein." - James
Heh. Do I want a face like Frankenstein's? No I don't. Hey, Psyduck!" - Misty
"Psyduck?" - James
"Where'd Psyduck go?" - Meowth
"I don't see it." - Jessie
"It's gone." - Meowth
'Psyduck." - Misty
"It's Team Rocket again!" - Ash and Brock
"What took you guys so long?" - Misty
"What happened to her face?" - Ash and Brock
[Ash and Brock covered their mouths while grunting]
"Dumb boys." - Misty
"Let Misty go right now!" - Ash
"Oh no! It's a fashion disaster." - James
"Get up, you guys! We've still got a battle to finish. Let's go!" - Meowth
"Now what? - Brock
"Vulpix and I will take care of them." - Suzie
"We'll give your Vulpix a makeover when we get rid of it's tails." - Jessie
"Time to give you a lesson in breeding. If all you worry about is your Pokémon's outer beauty, it's inner strength will be lost." - Suzie
"Vul." - Vulpix
"A Pokémon is like a fashion model, all that counts is a pretty face." - Jessie
"Like mine!- Meowth
"Ekans!' - Ekans
"Koffing!" - Koffing
"Vulpix! Wrap them up with fire spin! - Suzie
"VUL!" - Vulpix
"AAAHHH!" - Meowth, Ekans and Koffing
[Jessie and James panicking and screaming]
"SAVE THE GOWNS!" - Jessie and James
"Hey, don't fire spin me! HELP! HELP! HELP! - Misty
"Now that's an attack!" - Ash
"Vulpix's greatest attack - Fire Spin! Using powerful flames to block its opponent from moving, it then inflicts great damage. - Dexter
"Did you see that? A cute exterior hides inner strength, that's the Pokémon's true personality." - Brock
"Nice work, Vulpix." - Suzie
"Vul." Vulpix
"Thanks to all of you, I believe in what i'm doing again. You helped me regain confidence in my beliefs." - Suzie
"Heh. It's not hard when the person you're helping is as great as you are." - Ash
"And, Brock..." - Suzie
"Uh, y-yes?" - Brock
"I was very impressed by the way you handled your Pokémon in the crisis like that." - Suzie
"Suzie." - Brock
"I have a lot more to learn breeding Pokémon. Even if I do have a Championship, I'm still a student, not a teacher. Looks like you and I both have journeys ahead of us." - Suzie
"You're leaving Suzie? What about your Pokémon salon?" - Ash
"There are things I can only learn if I leave here. I want you to continue your journey too, Brock. From now on we're rivals. - Suzie
"U-uh... sure."
"Vulpix." - Vulpix
"Ah!" - Brock
"I'd be grateful if you took care of Vulpix for me." - Suzie
"Huh?" - Brock
"You're the first person other than me that Vulpix has been friendly with. Right now I believe you could do a better job of raising Vulpix than I could." - Suzie
"Vulpix." - Vulpix
"Mm, thanks. I don't know what to say." - Brock
[Ash gasps]
"Pika." - Pikachu
"You don't have to worry, Vulpix. I promise I'll take good care of you." - Brock
"All right! I got Vulpix! - Brock
[Ash looked at and laughing at Misty about her makeup]
"Hey what are you laughing for? This makeup is very fashionable." - Misty
"And so Brock must continue down his own path to becoming a Pokémon breeder. With Vulpix, he has a new friend on his journey and he has a new determination to be the greatest Pokémon breeder of all time." - Narrator
"Now we need a total makeover so nobody we ripped off can recognize us! - James
"They're all just jealous because they're not attractive enough to wear our designs. - Jessie
"Back to the drawing board!" Team Rocket
"So long, Salon Roquet!" - Narrator