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File:pokemon dream radar art maindetail2.jpg
File:pokemon dream radar art maindetail2.jpg
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Pokémon Dream Radar
Pokemon dream radar art boxart
Game Information
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Game Freak
Category Action and Augmented Reality
Players 1
ESRB Everyone (E)
Release Dates
Flag of Japan June 23rd, 2012
Flag of the United States October 7th, 2012
Flag of Europe October 12th, 2012
Other Info

'Pokémon Dream Radar' (Japanese: ポケモン ARサーチャー Pokemon AR Sāchā, literally meaning; "Pokémon Augmented Reality Searcher") is the second downloadable game in the series and it featured Augmented Reality view to capture Pokémons, collecting Dream Orbs and Items in the Interdream Zone. It can transfer the captured Pokémons and Items to the Pokémon Black and White Versions 2 in the Nintendo 3DS to give the players fill up in their Pokédex.

The main story of the game goes about the legendary trio Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus that are shown in their Therian Forme in the game.

The game is not for free unfortunately. You can buy the app for ¥300, $3.75, £2.63 and €3 in the Nintendo eShop.


Captured Ho-Oh

Example of successful capturing.

Professor Burnet is a Pokémon Professor who is researching the three legendary Pokémons: Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus. You can help her by making her research complete by collecting Dream Orbs to unlock more extensions, featured and more information about the legendary trio. Also you can upgrade your gadgets to gather Dream Orbs to find more Pokémons and Items, evenly also more Dream Orbs to discover more Pokémons.


There are two different colors of Orbs: A pink colored orb and a green colored orb.

Pink Colored Dream Orb Green Colored Dream Orb
110px 110px

Pokémons & Items

Pokémons & Items available from the start

Pokémons Type Hidden Ability
333 Swablu Normal/Flying Cloud Nine
425 Drifloon Ghost/Flying Flare Boost
447 Riolu Fighting Prankster
517 Munna Psychic Telepathy
561 Sigilyph Psychic/Flying Tinted Lens
Red Shard Sprite Blue Shard Sprite Yellow Shard Sprite Green Shard Sprite PP Up Sprite Leppa Berry Bag Revive Sprite
Red Shard Blue Shard Yellow Shard Green Shard PP Up Leppa Berry Revive

After capturing Tornadus

Pokémons Type Hidden Ability
174 Igglybuff Normal Friend Guard
213 Shuckle Bug/Rock Contrary
Max Revive Sprite Bag Sun Stone Sprite Bag Moon Stone Sprite
Max Revive Sun Stone Moon Stone

After capturing Thundurus

Pokémons Type Hidden Ability
120 Staryu Water Analytic
137 Porygon Normal Analytic
280 Ralts Psychic Telepathy
436 Bronzor Steel/Psychic Heavy Metal
Bag Fire Stone Sprite Bag Water Stone Sprite Bag Thunderstone Sprite Bag Leaf Stone Sprite
Fire Stone Water Stone Thunderstone Leaf Stone

After capturing Landorus

Pokémons Type Hidden Ability
175 Togepi Normal Super Luck
238 Smoochum Ice/Psychic Hydration
442 Spiritomb Ghost/Dark Infiltrator
479 Rotom Electric/Ghost Levitate*
Sacred Ash Rare Candy Sprite
Sacred Ash Rare Candy

Special Extensions

Pokémons Type Hidden Ability
079 Slowpoke Water/Psychic Regenerator
374 Beldum Steel/Psychic Light Metal
163 Hoothoot Normal/Flying Tinted Lens

Eureka Extensions

Pokémons Type Hidden Ability
641A Tornadus Flying Regenerator
642A Thundurus Electric/Flying Volt Absorb
645A Landorus Ground/Flying Intimidate

Generation IV Game Card Inserted

Pokémons Type Hidden Ability
249 Lugia Psychic/Flying Multiscale
250 Ho-Oh Fire/Flying Regenerator
483 Dialga Steel/Dragon Telepathy
484 Palkia Water/Dragon Telepathy
487 Giratina Ghost/Dragon Telepathy

Items appearance using Simulator α, β or γ

PP Up Sprite Max Revive Sprite Rare Candy Sprite Starpiecebag Heart Scale Sprite Lifeorb Bag Dawn Stone Sprite King&#039;s Rock Bag Focussash Eviolite
PP Up Max Revive Rare Candy Star Piece Heart Scale Life Orb Dawn Stone King's Rock Focus Sash Eviolite

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