Pokémon Dream Radar
ポケモン ARサーチャー
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Pokémon Dream Radar logo art.
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Game information
Generation Generation V
Players 1
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Developers Creatures, Inc.
Publishers Nintendo
Release date
Japan June 23, 2012
North America October 7, 2012
Europe October 12, 2012
Australia October 11, 2012
South Korea November 8, 2012
ESRB Adult 18+ with

Blood and gore Intense Vilonce Mature humor Nudity Real gambling Stronge sexual content Sexual vilonce Use of drugs Use of tobbaco Use of alcohol

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Pokémon Dream Radar Japanese logo art.
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Pokémon Dream Radar (ポケモン ARサーチャー Pokemon AR Sāchā) is the second downloadable game in the series and it featured Augmented Reality view to capture Pokémon, collecting Dream Orbs and Items in the Interdream Zone. It can transfer the captured Pokémons and Items to the Pokémon Black and White Versions 2 in the Nintendo 3DS to give the players fill up in their Pokédex.

The main story of the game goes about the legendary trio Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus that are shown in their Therian Forme in the game.

The game is not for free unfortunately. You can buy the app for ¥300, $2.99, £2.63 and €3 in the Nintendo eShop.


Captured Ho-Oh

Example of successful capturing.

You're the assistant of Professor Burnet, a Pokémon Professor who is researching the Interdream Zone and needs help from the player in collecting Dream Orbs that are coming from Dream Clouds which she needs it for her research. Although, Professor Burnet is also researching the Kami Trio Pokémon: Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus, but are making their appearance in a different form known as the "Therian Forme". You as her assistant can help her with her research of the Interdream Zone by collecting more Dream Orbs and unlocking more extensions to make her research complete. She creates powerful equipment upgrade after gaining a large amount of Dream Orbs to succeed her research of the Interdream Zone.


Dream Clouds

Capturing the Dream Clouds.

As assistant of Professor Burnet, the player enters the Interdream Zone to capture Dream Orbs for Professor Burnet's research by destroying the Dream Clouds by using the Beam that has already been equipped. It is known that there are two kinds of clouds in the video game, there is a pink and a grey glowing cloud.

Pink clouds increase but also decrease in size, when a Pink Dream Cloud has been hit by the beam it will break into three Dream Orbs, but they can also break into four or five Dream Orbs if hit when they are largest. The glowing clouds has a more glowing appearance that can be compared as a stormy cloud. When a Glowing Dream Cloud has been hit by the beam it will break into four Dream Orbs, or sometimes in the glowing clouds a Pokémon is hidden. You will begin with about 5 Dream Clouds, which can be grow after getting some extensions in order to collect more Dream Orbs. Dream Orbs will fade after a failing attempt to capture them with the beam. After that the player hits all of the Dream Clouds it will get out from the Interdream Zone which it have to wait to restore the Dream Clouds in order to collect more and more Dream Clouds. A Dream Cloud can break into five or four more Dream Orbs, once obtaining them all one of them might split into three more, then again one of them will do the same as until you are late to capture one of them. The duration is extremely short afterwards which it will disappear extremely quick or is not evenly easy to hit.

Capturing a Pokémon

Capturing a Pokémon.

As stated, Pokémon are also trapped in the Dream Clouds, but they are mostly trapped in the Glowing Dream Cloud. As seeing one of them from the clouds you have to capture him with the beam which you must press rapidly after capturing it with the beam on the glowing sphere which contains a Pokémon. Pokémon may differ in different extensions which will upgrade after obtaining enough Dream Orbs. The Kami Trio in their Therian Forme cannot be found in the glowing clouds, they appear in special extensions and you will encounter their appearance instead of a shining sphere.

You can upgrade your equipment after collecting a large amount of Dream Orbs. Actually, Dream Orbs also serves as money to obtain certain equipments, support items and upgrades. The game has also an auto-save feature to save the player's in the game.


Each Pokémon that you encounter in the game will have different levels depending on how many Gym Badges you've collected in Pokémon Black and White 2. The maximum level of encountering a Pokémon is until Level 40, which starts from Level 5.

Badges Level
0 5
1 – 2 10
3 – 4 20
5 – 6 30
7 – 8 40


There are various extensions which can only be accessed after obtaining a certain amount of Dream Orbs. Each extension has a difference in Pokémon and Items, but there are also special extension in which the player can capture a legendary Pokémon or one of the Kami Trio, the main Pokémon of the video game.

Name Cost Orbs Information
Normal Extension 0 0 Orbs
Rescue Extension 100 100 Orbs This extension allows you to find more Pokémon.
Salvage Extension 100 100 Orbs This extension increases the chance of finding a Pokémon with a item.
Eureka Extension α 400 400 Orbs This extension allows you to capture Tornadus, but the extension will disappear after that Tornadus is captured.
Eureka Extension β 600 600 Orbs This extension allows you to capture Thundurus, but the extension will disappear after that Thundurus is captured.
Eureka Extension γ 800 800 Orbs This extension allows you to capture Landorus, but the extension will disappear after that Landorus is captured.
Time Extension 0 0 Orb This extension allows you to capture Dialga, but the extension will disappear after that Dialga is captured.
Space Extension 0 0 Orb This extension allows you to capture Palkia, but the extension will disappear after that Palkia is captured.
Renegade Extension 0 0 Orb This extension allows you to capture Giratina, but the extension will disappear after that Giratina is captured.
Rainbow Extension 0 0 Orb This extension allows you to capture Ho-Oh, but the extension will disappear after that Ho-Oh is captured.
Diving Extension 0 0 Orb This extension allows you to capture Lugia, but the extension will disappear after that Lugia is captured.
Special Extension A 0 0 Orb This extension allows you to capture Beldum by entering the code at the main menu.

Japan:↑ → ↓ ← L R X
International:↑ → ↓ ← X R L

Special Extension B 0 0 Orb This extension allows you to capture Slowpoke by entering the code at the main menu.

Japan:↑ ↓ → ← L R Y
International:↑ ↓ → ← Y R L

Special Extension C 0 0 Orb This extension allows you to capture Hoothoot by entering the code at the main menu.

Japan:X Y L R ← → Y X Y
International:R L Y X ← → Y X

Development Lab

Professor Burnet has a development laboratory where you can upgrade your equipment in capturing Pokémon, finding more items or gaining more time in capturing Pokémon or get more Dream Clouds. In order to obtain such equipments you have to give Dream Orbs. Each equipment has their own cost of Dream Orbs which will be more expensive after getting previous version of the equipment. But, in order to capture the Kami Trio those equipments are needed, because they will be hard to capture after and after.

Upgrade cost

Level Orbs Beam Color Capture time Dream Clouds
Level 1 Yellow 120 10
Level 2 100 Dream Balls Green 150 15
Level 3 500 Dream Balls Red 180 20
Level 4 1000 Dream Balls Purple 210 25
Level 5* 1500 Dream Balls Blue 240 30


Name Upgrade Information
Energy Pack Energy Upgrade It increased the amount of time for capturing a Pokémon.
Visoscope Scope Upgrade It increased the number of Dream Clouds that can be found.
Beam Beam Upgrade It increases the strength of the beam for catching Pokémon.

Support goods

Name Cost Information
Votex Charge 100 This support item is a small vortex that sucks in Pokémon which makes them easier to capture.
Dragnet Charge 50 This support item slows down a Pokémon movements temporary.
Energy Recharge 50 This support item restores your energy when trying to capture a Pokémon.

Pokémon & Items

You can encounter different kinds of Pokémon and items in the extensions that you are playing in. Each Pokémon has a hidden ability with the exception of Rotom, which shows the same ability Levitate. You can meet also some rare Pokémon after collecting a large amount of Dream Orbs which is also the progression of the video game. There are also Legendary Pokémon to capture, but they only appear in special extensions.

Pokémon & Items available from the start

Swablu BW Drifloon BW Riolu BW Munna BW Sigilyph BW
Cloud Nine
Flare Boost
Tinted Lens

Red Shard Sprite Red Shard
Blue Shard Sprite Blue Shard
Yellow Shard Sprite Yellow Shard
Green Shard Sprite Green Shard
PP Up Sprite PP Up
Leppa Berry Leppa Berry
Bag Revive Sprite Revive

After capturing Tornadus

Igglybuff BW Shuckle BW
Friend Guard

Max Revive Sprite Max Revive
Bag Sun Stone Sprite Sun Stone
Bag Moon Stone Sprite Moon Stone

After capturing Thundurus

Staryu BW Porygon BW Ralts BW Bronzor BW
Heavy Metal

Bag Fire Stone Sprite Fire Stone
Bag Water Stone Sprite Water Stone
Bag Thunderstone Sprite Thunderstone
Bag Leaf Stone Sprite Leaf Stone

After capturing Landorus

Togepi BW Smoochum BW Spiritomb BW Rotom BW
Super Luck

Sacred Ash Sacred Ash
Rare Candy Sprite Rare Candy

Special Extensions

Slowpoke BW Beldum BW Hoothoot BW
Light Metal
Tinted Lens

Eureka Extensions

Tornadus-Therian-Forme BW Thundurus-Therian-Forme BW Landorus-Therian-Forme BW
Volt Absorb

Generation IV Game Card Inserted

Lugia BW Ho-Oh BW Dialga BW Palkia BW Giratina BW

Items appearance using Simulator α, β or γ

PP Up Sprite PP Up
Max Revive Sprite Max Revive
Rare Candy Sprite Rare Candy
Starpiecebag Star Piece
Heart Scale Sprite Heart Scale
Lifeorb Life Orb
Bag Dawn Stone Sprite Dawn Stone
King's Rock Bag King's Rock
Focussash Focus Sash
Eviolite Eviolite


  • The Pokémon Dream Rader has been released on the same day as the release of Pokémon Black and White Versions 2.
  • The Therian Forme of the Kami Trio can only be captured in the Pokémon Dream Radar video game after obtaining a large amount of Dream Orbs one of the top priority in the video game.
  • More Legendary Pokémon can be added by inserting different game cards from the Generation IV video games.

External links

Japanese website Pokémon AR Searcher official website
English website Official North American Pokémon site
English website Pokémon Black and White site of Pokémon Dream Radar


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