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Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! is a Pokémon manga book that was produced by Viz Media. Its author is Shigekatsu Ihara. There are 8 volumes released in total.



# Chapters Cover
Vol. 1
  1. In Search of the Legendary Pokémon Dialga!!
  2. Hareta's Very First Pokémon Battle!!
  3. The Mystery Boy, Jun!!
  4. Win with Teamwork!!
  5. Find Munchlax!!
Vol. 7
  1. Look for Giratina!
  2. A Clash! Hareta VS. Charon
  3. The Anger of Legendary Pokémon Heatran
  4. Hareta's Excellent New Partner... Minun?!
  5. Charon Must Be Stopped
  • Bonus Story: Return to Hareta's Home Forest!
Manga Cover Koya

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