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Pokémon Colosseum
Pokemon Colosseum
Game Information
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Genius Sonority
Category RPG
Players 1-4 players
ESRB E for Everyone
Release Dates
Flag of Japan November 21, 2003
Flag of the United States March 22, 2004
Flag of Europe May 14, 2004
Other Info
Platform Game Cube
Region Orre
Pokokémon at the same village. The Time Flute summons Celebi, who instantly removes all traces of the strange shadow substance.


Pokémon Colosseum is compatible with all five of the main series Pokémon games. Items and Pokémon can be traded between them in the same manner that they can be traded between each other, however, the player must have defeated Evice in the main story mode in order to unlock it, have a Game Cube-Game Boy Advance cable, and a Game Boy Advance or GBA SP. All are re

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