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Pokémon Channel (ポケモンチャンネル ~ピカチュウといっしょ!~ Pokémon Channel ~Together With Pikachu!~) is an indirect spin off of the game Hey You, Pikachu!.

Pokémon Channel game takes place in Mintale Town where the player and his Pikachu must help Professor Oak. The player is able to explore the town and also watch, and play in various television programs.


Professor Oak's Report

Professor Oak's Report

Professor Oak's Report is the first channel that can be viewed. The player can interact with Professor Oak who will give information to the player. This channel is also used to save the game. The player will also tune into the channel whenever they sell art or is required to do a certain task.The channel that Professor Oak's Report is located on the Report Channel.

Pichu Bros. in Party Panic

Pichu Bros Party Panic

Pichu Bros. in Party Panic is a mini-series that is only viewable in Pokémon Channel. In this series, Meowth is planning a special party and has sent invitations to the Pokémon around. However, the Pichu Bros. are informed of this and try to get invitations for themselves and their friends. They manage to do so at the end and celebrate at Meowth's party. It should be noted that this is one of few times Meowth isn't seen without Jessie and James (however, they are heard singing during Meowth's song). There are five different channels for this series all being known as the Anime Channel.



PNF is short for Pokémon News Flash. Psyduck is the main host of Pokémon News Flash and Meowth of Team Rocket is the reporter. PNF is useful in certain things and sometimes give interesting reports on certain Pokémon situations. However, Psyduck, at some times, isn't fully reliable. During at some times, Psyduck will fall asleep while doing a report or is even already asleep as soon PNF begins. When this happens, PNF immediately ends.

One thing that should be noted is that Pikachu has a chance to be on PNF. In order to do this, the player and Pikachu must spot a Magnemite with a video camera around some locations. Afterwards, Magnemite will interview Pikachu while Pikachu is doing some poses. Sometimes, other Pokémon may join in on the video. The video can be viewed on the very next episode of PNF (that is, if Psyduck is awake). This channel is known as the News Channel.

Slowpoke's Weather Report

Slowpoke's Weather Report

Slowpoke's Weather Report is the main weather channel and is hosted by a Slowpoke. During this report, Slowpoke will be at certain locations to predict the weather. It could range from being just sunny, cloudy, or raining. Slowpoke will pick any of the three that will change the current weather instantly. However, Slowpoke may take a long time and, like Psyduck, will fall asleep sometimes during reports. Unlike Psyduck, Slowpoke will eventually wake up and the report doesn't end until Slowpoke picks a weather. The channel that Slowpoke's Weather Report is located is known as the Weather Channel.

It should be noted that Slowpoke's Weather Report is useful in picking up Nice Cards since only certain Pokémon appear during certain types of weather. If Slowpoke is about to pick a weather that the player doesn't want it to, the player can quickly change the channel and come back to have Slowpoke start over.

Shop 'N Squirtle

Shop 'N Squirtle

Shop 'N Squirtle is the main shopping channel that is hosted by one of the Squirtles from the Squirtle Squad (since it's wearing shades). Shop 'N Squirtle is very useful as the player can buy various of items from this channel. Shop 'N Squirtle must also be viewed as the player can buy bus tickets to Viridian Forest, Mt. Snowfall, and Cobalt Coast. If the player and Pikahu have found the Poké Mini form under the bed, they can purchase games for it from this channel. Shop 'N Squirtle is located on the Shopping Channel.

Smeragle's Art Study

Mareep Farm

Hatch Up! Pokéegg!

Chansey's Fortune Cookie

Chum Chum Ranking

Odd One Out

Quiz Wobbuffet

Smoochum Shape-Up

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