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Pokémon Blue (Japan)
250px-Pokemon blue box ja
Game Information
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Game Freak
Category RPG
Players 1-2 Players
Release Dates
Flag of Japan October 10, 1996
Flag of the United States September 30, 1998 (As Red and Blue)
Flag of Europe October 8, 1999 (As Red and Blue)
Flag of Australia November 1, 1998 (As Red and Blue)
Flag of South Korea N/A
Other Info
Platform Game Boy
Region Kanto
Pokémon Blue (Pocket Monsters Blue in Japan) is an updated version of Pokémon Red and Green. It is also the game used for the translation of the worldwide Generation I games. In Japan Pokémon Blue served as the third version of the origional Kanto games, with Yellow Pikachu Edition being a new game added to the set for modified gameplay and utilization of the full effect of the Gameboy Color. Pokémon Blue version was used as Red Version's foreign release counterpart because the two have the same Pokémon battle sprites and pictures. Pokémon Green Version, which only saw release in Japan as the original counterpart to Red Version, has considerably more awkward battle sprites than the other two games. This poor graphic design is why Red Version's depictions of the original 151 were used for its updated release and why Green Version was never released to a wide audience.
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Main game series
Generation I Red & Green(Japan)
Red & Blue(International)
Generation II Gold & Silver
Generation III Ruby & Sapphire
FireRed & LeafGreen
Generation IV Diamond & Pearl
HeartGold & SoulSilver
Generation V Black & White
Black2 & White2
Generation VI X & Y
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