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Pokémon Adventures: Volume 4  (ポケットモンスターSPECIAL:第4巻)
Cover General
Phase: Yellow
Chapters: #41
Published: JapanFlag December 16, 1998
UnitedStatesFlag January 9, 2002

Pokemon Adventures: Volume 4 is the 4th volume of the Pokémon Adventures manga. It mainly stars Yellow, as Pika joins her team.


The next storyline is loosely based on the Yellow version of the game. This part of the story ends in chapter 90. In contrast to the first story, there is a slight increase in violence and original plots, which will be carried onto further storylines. Red has disappeared after receiving a challenge letter sent to him by Bruno of the Elite Four. They plan to lure him to them, so as to get information onGiovanni’s whereabouts. They also needed his Earth Badge. Only Red’s Pikachu, Pika, managed to escape, Red having been encased in ice. Yellow decided to go look for Red, as Red had helped her catch a Rattata to train her in the skills of battling.

Yellow, Blaine, Blue, Green, Bill, Lt. Surge, Koga and Sabrina join forces to bring down the Elite Four together. They found out that Lance’s master plan was to use the Gym Badges and create an amplifying effect at Cerise Island to power up a mysterious Legendary Pokémon and destroy all humans in the world except themselves. They felt that humans and Pokémon were not meant to coexist. Red turned up later at Cerise Island to help Surge and Bill defeat Bruno. It is also revealed that Giovanni was the one who rescued Red from his ice coffin. The trainers send their power to Yellow, and with their combined strength she manages to defeat Lance.


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