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Pokémon Adventures: Volume 34  (ポケットモンスターSPECIAL:第34巻)
Cover General
Phase: Diamond and Pearl
Published: JapanFlag February 26, 2010
UnitedStatesFlag N/A
Diamond and Pearl

Pokemon Adventures: Volume 34 is the 34th volume of the Pokémon Adventures manga.

Back Summary

Lady Berlitz comes to the rescue of the abducted Sir Berlitz and Professor Rowan! But there also lies the truth that "Dia and Pearl aren't supposed to be their bodyguards"...!!!

When faced with the conditions "Stop the journey" or "Use pro bodyguards", what will miss berlitz's "Road Ahead"!?

And just what are the enemy "Team Galactic's Plans"!?



  • Cynthia
  • Diamond
  • Pearl
  • Platinum
  • Byron


  • Riolu
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