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==Major Events==
==Major Events==
*[[Platinum (Adventures)|Platinum]] challenges Crasher Wake
*[[Platinum (Adventures)|Platinum]] challenges Crasher Wake.
*[[Platinum (Adventures)|Platinum]] challenges Fantina
*[[Platinum (Adventures)|Platinum]] challenges Fantina.
===Pokedex Holders===
===Pokedex Holders===

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Pokemon Adventures: Volume 33 is the 33th volume of the Pokémon Adventures Manga.

Back Summary

The Trio lands at Celestic Town, a town from the past. However, Team Galactic's Cyrus stands in the way of it's ruins! Futhermore this event will change Dia and Pearl's relationship...! What are the "Beings depicted in the Cave" that's targeted by the enemy? As the mysteries and battles of the sinnoh arc speed up, you won't be able to put this exciting development's down...!

Major Events


Pokedex Holders

  • Platinum
  • Pearl
  • Diamond
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