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[[Category:Pokémon Adventures Manga]]
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[[Category:Manga Volumes]]

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Template:AdventuresVolume Pokémon Adventures: Volume 1 is the first Pokémon Adventures series book in the series. It mainly stars Red and major events happening to him like him obtaining his own Bulbasaur, defeating the Gym Leader Brock, etc.


In this Pokémon adventures manga, Red accidentally releases all of the pokémon in Professor Oak's lab. They travel to Viridian City, looking for the last escaped pokémon, a Bulbasaur. After entering the gym, they encounter a wild Machoke. Red gets Bulbasaur to use SolarBeam and the wild Machoke is defeated. The Bulbasaur takes an immediate liking to Red, so Oak gives the pokémon to Red.

Volume 1

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