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An Ability is a special trait that each individual Pokémon have that cause special effects. This is a list of all the known abilities.



Ability Description Gen.
AdaptabilityDoubles the power of the move, if the type of the Pokémon matches the type of the move.IV
AftermathWhen fainting because of a direct attack, causes damage equal to 1/4 of his max HP to the inflicting opponent.IV
Air LockNullify the effects caused by weather change on the entire battle field.III
AnalyticBoosts move power when the Pokémon moves last.V
Anger PointRaises attack stat to its max level when a Pokémon if afflicted with a critical-hit.IV
AnticipationDetects if the opponent has supper effective moves or one-hit KO moves.IV
Arena TrapPrevents foe from switching Pokémon or escaping. Not effective against Flying-types and Pokémon with the Levitate ability.III


Ability Description Gen.
Bad DreamsIf the opponent is asleep, it loses health every turn.IV
Battle ArmorPrevents your opponent from gaining a critical hit on you.III
Big PecksProtects the Pokémon from Defense-lowering attacks.V
BlazeIncreases the strength of Fire-type moves by 1.5x when HP falls below 1/3 of its max HP.III


Ability Description Gen.
CacophonyAvoids sound-based moves.III
ChlorophyllDoubles speed when it's sunny.III
Clear BodyDefends against moves that lower stats.III
Cloud NinePrevents all Pokémon in battle from being affected by weather conditions.III
Color ChangeChanges Pokémon's type to match the type of a move that hits it.III
CompoundeyesIncreases accuracy by 30%.III
ContraryMakes stat changes have an opposite effect.V
Cursed BodyMay disable a move used on the Pokémon.V
Cute CharmWhen attacked with a direct attack, contact with the Pokémon may cause infatuation.III


Ability Description Gen.
DampStops moves like Selfdestruct and Explosion. The ability Aftermath doesn't work either.III
DefeatistLowers stats when HP becomes half or less.V
DefiantWhen its stats are lowered its Attack increases.V
DownloadAdjusts power according to the foe’s lowest defensive stat.IV
DrizzleChanges weather to rain during battle.III
DroughtChanges weather to strong sunlight during battle.III
Dry Skin Restores HP without receiving damage when attacked by Water-type moves. Recovers HP every turn when it is raining.IV


Ability Description Gen.
Early BirdRecovers from Sleep more quickly.III
Effect SporeAfflicts opponent with a Poison, Paralyze or Sleep condition 30% of the time when attacking a Pokémon directly.III


Ability Description Gen.
FilterDecreases the damage received from super effective moves.IV
Flame BodyAfflicts opponent with a Burn condition 30% of the time when attacking Pokémon directly.III
Flare BoostPowers up special attacks by 1.5× when burned.V
Flash FireProtects from receiving Fire-type moves and increases the strength of Fire-type moves by 1.5x.III
Flower Gift Increases user and allies' attack and special defense by 1.5x when it's sunny.IV
ForecastAllows Pokémon to a form and type that's connected to weather (strong Sunlight = Fire-type, Rain = Water-type, Hail = Ice-type, Sandstorm - Normal-type)III
ForewarnDetermines what moves the foe has. IV
Friend GuardReduces damage done to allies. V
FriskAllows Pokémon to know opponent's held item when sent out on the battle field. When 2 opponent Pokémon are there, it will be selected randomly from the two.IV


Ability Description Gen.
GluttonyUses an HP recovering berry before HP goes down too low.IV
GutsRaises attack by 1.5x when suffering from status condition.III


Ability Description Gen.
HarvestMay create another Berry after one is used.V
HealerMay heal an ally's status conditions.V
HeatproofHalves the damage inflicted on the Pokémon by opponent's Fire-type moves and by having the burn condition.IV
Heavy MetalDoubles the Pokémon's weight.V
Honey GatherSometimes gathers Honey during battles.IV
Huge PowerRaises attack. Halved when ability is lost.III
HustleRaises attack by 1.5x but lowers physical attack accuracy to 80%.III
HydrationRecovers from status conditions at the end of the turn when it is raining.IV
Hyper CutterPrevents effects that reduce the Pokémon's attack power.III


Ability Description Gen.
Ice BodyRestores HP gradually when the weather is "Hail".IV
IlluminatePrevents from being afflicted with the Sleep condition.III
IllusionComes out disguised as the Pokémon in back.V
ImmunityProtects from the Poison condition.III
ImposterIt transforms itself into the Pokémon it is facing. V
InfiltratorPasses through the foe's barrier and strikes. V
Inner FocusPrevents Flinch condition.III
InsomniaPrevents from being inflicted with the Sleep condition.III
IntimidateUpon entering the battle the user of this ability lowers the opponent's attack by 1.III
Iron BarbsInflicts damage to the Pokémon on contact.V
Iron FistIncreases power of Punching moves.IV


Ability Description Gen.
JustifiedRaises Attack when hit by a Dark-type move.V


Ability Description Gen.
Keen EyePrevents opponent from lowering user's accuracy.III
KlutzPrevents effective items from being effective in battles.IV


Ability Description Gen.
Leaf GuardPrevents Pokémon from falling into certain conditions when the weather is strong sunlight.IV
LevitateProtects from Ground-type moves.III
Light MetalHalves the Pokémon's weight.V
LightningrodDraws Electric-type attacks away from partner to Pokémon when it's in a two-on-two battle.III
LimberPrevents from being inflicted with the Paralyze condition.III
Liquid OozeInflicts damage on opponent when they use a healing move that absorbs HP.III


Ability Description Gen.
Magic Bounce Reflects status-changing moves. V
Magic Guard Prevents all moves (except direct attacks) from decreasing HP. III
Magma Armor Prevents Pokémon from receiving the Freeze condition. III
Magnet Pull Prevents Steel-type opponents from escaping (does not work on own party). III
Marvel Scale Increases defense by 1.5x when affected by status conditions. III
Minus Multiplies special attack by 1.5x when positively charged Pokémon is also in battle. III
Mold Breaker Allows Pokémon to use moves without being affected by opponent's abilities. IV
Moody Raises one stat and lowers another. V
Motor Drive Increases speed by 1 when receiving Electric-type moves, but no damage will be inflicted on the Pokémon. IV
Moxie Boosts Attack after knocking out any Pokémon. V
Multiscale Reduces damage when HP is full. V
Multitype Changes type to match the held Plate. IV
Mummy Contact with this Pokémon spreads this Ability. V


Ability Description Gen.
Natural CureHeals status conditions when withdrawn from battle.III
No GuardMakes each others' move land without fail.III
NormalizeChanges all four of the Pokémon's moves to Normal-type.IV


Ability Description Gen.
ObliviousPrevents the attracted condition.III
OvercoatProtects the Pokémon from damage from weather. V
OvergrowIncreases the strength of Grass-type moves by 1.5x when HP falls below 1/3 of its max HP.III
Own TempoProtects from the confused condition.III


Ability Description Gen.
PickpocketSteals an item when hit by another Pokémon.V
Pick-UpOccasionally picks up items during battles.III
PlusMultiplies special attack power by 1.5 when negatively charged Pokémon is also in battle.III
Poison HealRestores HP every turn when poisoned.IV
Poison PointWhen attacked with a direct attack, causes opponent to be poisoned with a 30% probability.III
Poison TouchMay poison targets when a Pokémon makes contact. V
PranksterGives priority to a status move. V
PressureWhen attacked, PP of opponent's move is decreased by 2.III
Pure PowerRaises attack. Halved when ability is lost.III


Ability Description Gen.
Quick FeetMultiples speed when in certain conditions (Poison, Paralysis, Burn, Freezing, Sleep, Badly Poisoned). Ignores the effect of Paralysis.IV


Ability Description Gen.
Rain DishRecovers HP every turn when it's raining during battle.III
RattledSome move types scare it and boost its Speed. V
RecklessWhen using a move with a backlash effect, it increases the power.IV
RegeneratorRestores a little HP when withdrawn from battle.V
RivalryRaises attack towards the same-gender opponents. Lowers it towards opposite gender opponents.IV
Rock HeadPrevents from suffering the effects of moves like Take Down and Double-Edge.III
Rough SkinCauses opponent's HP to decrease when opponent attacks Pokémon directly.III
Run AwayLets all Pokémon flee except for Trainer battles.III


Ability Description Gen.
Sand ForceBoosts certain moves' power in a sandstorm. V
Sand RushBoosts the Pokémon's Speed in a sandstorm. V
Sand StreamUpon entering the battle the user creates a Sandstorm.III
Sand VeilRaises accuracy when a Sandstorm occurs.III
Sap SipperBoosts Attack when hit by a Grass-type move. V
ScrappyMakes it possible to attack Ghost-type opponent with Normal-type moves.IV
Serene GraceDoubles the probability of producing the move's additional effects.III
Shadow TagPrevents foe from changing Pokémon or escaping.III
Shed SkinHeals status conditions in each turn with a 1/3 probability.III
Sheer ForceRemoves added effects to increase move damage. V
Shell ArmorHelps Pokémon avoid critical hits.III
Shield DustDefends against additional effects of moves.III
SimpleDoubles stat changes.IV
Skill LinkMakes consecutive moves last to limit.IV
Slow StartHalves attack and speed during the first five turns of battle.IV
SniperIncreases the damage of the move when it is a critical hit.IV
Snow CloakRaises evasiveness when the weather is "Hail".IV
Snow WarningMakes it Hail upon entering the battle.IV
Solar PowerMultiplies special attack, but lowers HP when the weather is strong sunlight.IV
Solid RockAdjusts the damage of "Super effective" hit to 3/4 of the usual.IV
SoundproofDefends against sound moves like Uproar and Sing.III
Speed BoostIncrease Pokémon's speed every turn.III
StallMakes Pokémon attack last.IV
StaticWhen attacked with a direct attack, causes opponent to be Paralyzed with a 30% probability.III
SteadfastRaises speed by 1 every time opponent flinches.IV
StenchNo effect in battle. Makes it less probable to come across wild Pokémon.III
Sticky HoldPrevents theft of items.III
Storm DrainDraws all Water-type move to Pokémon in two-on-two battles.IV
SturdyDefends against one-hit-knockout moves like Horn Drill and Sheer Cold. In Generation V it prevents any move from knocking out the Pokémon in one hit if HP is max.III
Suction CupsDefends against moves that makes the Pokémon switch in and out such as Whirlwind and Roar.III
Super LuckMakes it more probable that the Pokémon produces a critical hit.IV
SwarmIncreases the strength of Bug-type moves by 1.5x when HP falls below 1/3 of its max HP.III
Swift SwimDoubles speed when it is raining.III
SynchronizeMakes opponent suffer from the same status conditions when the user is inflicted with the Poison, Paralyze or Burn condition.III


Ability Description Gen.
Tangled FeetRaises accuracy when Confused.IV
TechnicianRaise the power of moves that are less than 60 in power by 1.5x.IV
TelepathyAnticipates an ally's attack and dodges it.V
TeravoltMoves can be used regardless of Abilities.V
Thick FatHalves the damage inflicted on the user by the opponent's Fire and Ice-type moves.III
Tinted LensBoosts "not very effective" moves against opponents.IV
TorrentIncreases the strength of Water-type moves by 1.5x when HP falls below 1/3 of its max HP.III
Toxic BoostPowers up physical attacks when poisoned.V
TraceGives the Pokémon the same ability as the opponent's.III
TruantPokémon can only move every other turn.III
TurboblazeMoves can be used regardless of Abilities.V


Ability Description Gen.
UnawarePokémon is unaffected by opponent's stat changes.IV
UnburdenDoubles speed when the Pokémon runs out of items. Speed will return to normal if the Pokémon has items again.IV
UnnerveMakes the foe nervous and unable to eat Berries.V


Ability Description Gen.
Victory StarBoosts the accuracy of its allies and itself.V
Vital SpiritPrevents Pokémon from getting a Sleep condition.III
Volt AbsorbRestores Pokémon's HP when Pokémon is attacked by Electric-type attacks.III


Ability Description Gen.
Water AbsorbRestores Pokémon's HP when Pokémon is attacked by Water-type attacks.III
Water VeilProtects Pokémon from the Burn condition.III
Weak ArmorPhysical attacks lower Defense and raise Speed.V
White SmokePrevents from being affected by opponent moves and abilities that lower stats.III
Wonder GuardPrevents all damage, except from "super effective" hits.III
Wonder SkinMakes status-changing moves more likely to miss.V


Ability Description Gen.
Zen ModeChanges the Pokémon's shape when HP is halved.V

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