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Pocket Monsters - XY

Japanese Logo

The Series XY (XY ポケットモンスター (エックス ワイ) Pocket Monsters XY (ExWye) in Japan) is the fifth anime series in Japan. It was revealed by the television network TV Tokyo on June 30, 2013, which released information from this series as the logo and the new look of the protagonist Ash Ketchum.

The new adventure begins on Ash arriving at Lumiose City in the region of Kalos, where he will continue his quest to become a Pokémon Master. The release date in Japan will be the October 17, 2013, and in the United States and Spain on October 19, 2013 will be issued the first two episodes of the series.







  • The gag of proposing to an attractive female character returns to the series only with a twist.
    • Bonnie would propose to the female character to be Clemont's girlfriend but Clemont intervines saying he is not interested and uses the Aipom Arm to drag Bonnie away.
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