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Walkthrough:Pokémon Black and White

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The Walktrough of Unova

Nuvema Town

Pick Your Starter (Snivy, Tepig or Oshawott) and the battle a against your female Rival begins. After you win or lose to her you battle you first male Rival. After you win or lose you go down the stairs and talk to your mom. After that go to your female Rivals house. After that go to Professor Junpier's Lab and you'll get a Pokedex. Now go to the north end of the town.

Route 1

Now Professor Juniper will teach you how to catch a pokemon. After catch some pokemon then go to the north end of Route 1.

Accumula Town

Go to the Pokemon Center and talk to Professor Junpier she'll take you into the Pokemon Center. After Go outside and you'll see a anoncment going on. After you meet you third Rival N and you'll battle his purrlon (he only makes it you acset and it only works with more then one pokemon with you). After go to Route 2.

Route 2

You get a Call from your mom. After she hangs up you see her and you get some running shoes. After go trough Route 2 and at the top end of the Route will be your second battle against your female Rival.

Striaton City

Talk to the person in front of the Gym. Now Go to the Trainer School. Now battle your first male Rival. After go back to the gym and you'll see the Gym Leader you'll battle in front of the Gym. Now battle the Gym Leader. After you beat the Gym Leader go outside and you'll meet someone she'll tell you to follow her. After she gives you the Cut HM. After you go to The Dreamyard. (After Dream Yard) Go to Fennel's house and she will gives you a device. Now go to Route 3.


Use the Cut HM Fennel gave you and Cut the tree down and you'll see a mouna. After go back to Striaton City.

Route 3

Go to the the west and you'll battle some twins. When you beat them you see your female Rival and your first male Rival and they'll say some little girls Pokemon was stolen. After follow your first male Rival and go into Wellspring Cave. (After Wellspring Cave) Go to the bottom part of Route 3 and go to Nacrene City.

Wellspring Cave

You'll have to battle with your first male Rival on your side and you battle some Team Plasma grunts. After go back to Route 3

Nacrene City

Go to the Gym and before you go in you have to battle your third Rival N. After go in to the Gym. Now Find the clues and you'll find your way to the Gym Leader. After go down the secret stair case and you'll find the Gym Leader. After go to the east of the City and go to Pinwheel Forest.

Pinwheel Forest

Follow Burgh and fight Team Plasma. After go to the Skyarrow Bridge.

Skyarrow Bridge

Just Walk to the end and go to Castelia City.

Castelia City

Go to the Gym. After go to one of the docks and you'll find your female Rival she'll say her pokemon was stolen. After go to the building in the Gym street and you'll see Team Plasma. After go to the Gym. After fight Burgh. After go to the enternce to Route 4. 

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