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Poké is the official English website for the Pokémon franchise. Its official URL is Poké, and several terms, such as and, redirect to Poké; however, typing "Poké" or "poké" will not.


Video Games

The Video Games section of Poké contains not only information about each video game, but also news regarding the Pokémon video games.

Trading Card Game

The Trading Card Game section of Poké contains a Card Database as well as news about the Pokémon TCG.


This section includes a synopsis of every episode of the Pokémon anime, excluding banned and "lost" episodes, as well as the option to watch selected episodes online.

Pokémon Fun Zone

This includes several online games as well as a Trainer Builder for Pokémon Trainer Club users.


Poké also includes a Pokédex which has all Pokémon introduced up until Generation V.

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