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Pokégen is an online/offline system similar to Pokésav. It is a program for Windows that allows the user to get any Pokémon with any move, any stats, any level,etc. (Even ones it can't normally have, thus making it an illegal Pokémon) After you select every thing you want, you save it as a file. Only if using it in the Nintendo DS file, you need to go to this Pokémon Selector website to get a Primary DNS code. On the menu, you select no auto DNS and enter the DNS on the computer.The way you get the Pokémon is through GTS. Go into GTS and you will randomly get the Pokémon. This may cause glitches in the game such as not being able to use Dream World. To prevent these glitches go to System settings and select Yes on the DNS. Do the connection test and you can use it again.
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Emulator Usage

It can simply be loaded in Desmume 0.9.8, by using the Import / Export Backup memory into the system for usage. Moreover, when you save the game in the gameplay and not in the save states, the file created is a .sav file, which can be taken from Export Backup Memory, thus getting the save file .sav of the game play till the point the game was played.


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