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Pokedex Holders

The Pokédex Holders of the Kanto, Johto and Hoenn regions

Pokedex holders three

The three other PokédexHolders in Sinnoh Region

Pokédex Holders in Pokémon Adventures are people who are given the privilege to use a Pokédex by Professors.


Name Skill Main Pokémon
Red The Fighter Venusaur
Blue The Trainer Charizard
Green The Evolver Blastoise
Yellow The Healer Pikachu
Gold The Hatcher Typhlosion
Silver The Exchanger Feraligatr
Crystal The Catcher Meganium
Ruby The Charmer Swampert
Sapphire The Conqueror Blaziken
Emerald The Calmer Sceptile
Diamond The Empathizer Torterra
Pearl The Determiner Infernape
Platinum The Understander Empoleon
Black The Dreamer Emboar
White The Dreamer Serperior
Rakutsu  ? Samurott
Faitsu  ?  ?



  • Despite being an antagonist, N is often included as one of the Pokédex Holders.
  • They are sometimes called DexHolders.
  • Despite the DexHolders being named after the main series games, there are no DexHolders with the following names:
    • Fire (from FireRed)
    • Leaf (from LeafGreen)
    • Heart (from HeartGold)
    • Soul (from SoulSilver)
      •  This is likely due to the fact that the first four game titles on the list are remakes of previous titles in the series and not "new" games. Due to this the respective chapters tell about additional adventures of characters who have already been introduced multiple chapters prior, thus not introducing new characters to the series.
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