Poké Ride is a brand new feature introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. To use it, you need a Ride Pager.


Poké Ride is a feature that lets you ride Pokémon in certain places normal travel can't do. You can soar on Charizard, find hidden treasures with Stoutland, fish with a gentle Lapras and much more!

However, unlike in previous generations, you can access this any time you want, and don't need the Pokémon with those HM's to do so. Most of these ride pokemon are rideable by pressing Y then B.

Rideable Pokémon

  • Tauros - Charge into rocks by holding the B button.
  • Mudsdale- Charge on the Rocky Terrain by holding the B button.
  • Sharpedo- Zoom faster on water than ever before by holding B on this Pokémon!
  • Charizard- Place in your location and soar all over Alola!
  • Stoutland - Hold down B and let Stoutland find you treasure!
  • Lapras- Swim over to a lovely fishing spot whilst holding B.
  • Machamp- Get nasty stone blocks out of your way by holding down the B button.




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